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  1. I don't like that the slide is a different color but I would pay $1000 for it. The stippling is cool.
  2. Rob, looking forward to finally meeting you...I will make sure I stop by your table.
  3. Looking forward to setting up at this show this year! Can't wait to see what's there!
  4. Just a thought: SOBC stands for Signal Officer Basic Course. Signal LT's attend this course to become qualified in the Signal Regiment...Magnificant 7 could have been their class moto.
  5. Very nice collection and well displayed! I'm happy to see you own the Harry Morris uniform, I was ready to bid on it but I was in a meeting when the auction company called. Outstanding uniforms and great representations of different branches of the military!
  6. Very outstanding grouping from the 36th and tribute to your father! My grandfather and his 2 brothers were also in K Company probably during the same time period in Gonzales, TX prior to deploying. Please see the attached photo with the K CO sign in the background. I just happen to also be serving currently in the 36th and was really shocked to find out that the Museum and State Records office still has a lot of original documents dating back to WWII. I was able to obtain a large stack of copies and their staff was really friendly, it appears that you have a lot of original documents f
  7. Looking for any medals, ribbons, decorations that belonged to Albert H. Mudd, Roy L. Mudd, Tommy E. Mudd who served during WWII in the 36 Infantry Division.
  8. Additional helmets. I will take a look at the museum if I get a chance to make it over there. V/R, James
  9. I don't know if they still have that display in the Museum, but here are some pics in the 36ID DIV HQ building that I work in. Looks like they could possibly be some of the same liners. V/R, James
  10. Thanks, been in Austin for a little while now just didn't know if there was anything out here that I wasn't aware of.
  11. Thanks for the heads up, he may be interested to see what I have from LTG Knowles when I finally get my pictures up. I think it's nice when you can group multiple uniforms together from the same individual. V/R, James Up close of the ribbon bar that is in the photo that he purchased.
  12. Does anyone know any dealers in the Austin, TX area? Have dealt with Quonset Hut which is always fair but I havn't found too many others.
  13. I thought $2250 was high myself and I was surprised to see it sell with buy it now but since I have other pieces from him I was really interested. I am going to build a replacement mini medal bar for his dress mess hopefully soon and then post pictures of what I have from him as well as other GO uniforms that I have. I really enjoy your General's Club topic by the way...I'm still looking for a couple of GO uniforms to round out my collection but I really enjoy seeing how others have their collections displayed.
  14. Thanks Gumshoe, I agree with that but I didn't think that it would be easy to find a matching set though. I will have to start my search.
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