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  1. Poorly made reproductions. Made recently.
  2. One last thing that always struck me as odd about this helmet is there is a lot of honest wear to this helmet after it was painted, around the edges and also the crown. Jeff
  3. The other side... Now to reply to some of the comments. The tape is on the inside because as a kid in the 70's, I put a Vietnam era helmet cover over the paint and set it on my shelf, as I got older I began to appreciate the helmet as it is. I would never dream of stripping the paint off the lid, it is what it is, I think its great. The vet had no kids, he acted like it was his helmet and as I said I have no history what so ever. I wish I did could you imagine if I would have had a pic of him on a Sherman with that thing on! More than likely a post war, testor model paint job. He gave it to m
  4. Posting pics of a helmet I was given as a kid in the early 70s. This and a 3rd Army patch came from one of my Dad's WW 2 friends. He gave me the helmet and simply said you'll never find another one like this.... He stated he was in tanks under Patton and he hated him. I was only 7 or 8 when I got this so no story what so ever and he is long since deceased. It came off the basement shelf and the patch was cut from as shirt. I wish I had a story. Do not know ANYTHING about the paint job. For your enjoyment. Jeff
  5. That patch is a well used example of the 98th Transportation Detachment, they were attached to the 120th Aviation Company. 1000% as it should be. You will find examples hand embroidered, machine embroidered, printed and in bevo weave. Jeff
  6. I had never seen one of these nor did I have any knowledge of them but I thought it interesting when I Googled the little glass washboard. Supposedly these were military issue washboards, issued to women service personnel to hand wash undergarments and stockings. Midget Glass washboards made by a company from West Virginia. I am a patch collector and was never into field gear but thought this item was neat, I had never seen one and was unaware they were issue items. Needless to say I rescued it from the Habitat store...despite the small chip. Jeff
  7. The squadron insignia may be associated with the US Navy Fighter squadron VF-11 "Red Rippers", They use that same boars head. they are also known for bullion patches which are worn on blazers. I have one of their bullion blazer patches which were sold by the base outside NAS Oceana where they are stationed, the patch has the same bullion style border. Not to say this is earlier with the prop driven plane in the center of the aircraft instrument. No ID but it may be a start. Jeff
  8. Another one, nice and salty, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne.
  9. MACV Team-43. HUA NGHIA Neat patch I thought I would share, I have never seen another. Show your Vietnam MAT patches there are a bunch of teams! Jeff
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