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  1. Thank you Scott, that is a very generous offer. I have heard favorable comments about your museum. I work part time for one of our local funeral homes so the location isn't an issue, the virus is. If you "Google" dad's name, you can see more info/photos of him. Thank very much for your concern. I will get up to the museum when things settle down.
  2. What makes difficult is trying to arrange a memorial service with the virus raging all over. It was going to be April 25th but that is out of the question now here in Michigan. All funerals are pretty much "family only" affairs as infections are sky rocketing at present. Eventually, Dad will get honored with military rites.
  3. I just jumped on board again from a long absence. I am doing fine & dealing with Dad's passing. He was 95 1/2 years old. and passed peacefully in his sleep. For the past 7 years, I took him down to Fort Bragg for the 82nd Airborne "All American Week". He was always a guest of honor and made friends with many. His Memorial service was set for April 25th but that remains in doubt due to the China flu that is reeking havoc in the world. I will try to visit here more often now. Thanks for remembering and posting the obit. The Memorial video at the end of his obit has many pics of Dad's many v
  4. I'd be interested to see other photos....especially crew shots if you have any. My uncle was a LT j.g. on the CARD. When it broke down in the Atlantic, he transferred to the Pacific Theater. He ended being a Naval liaison going ashore in the third wave at Iwo Jima direct fire from the ship.
  5. Charlie, I'm glad you enjoyed the book. My dad is featured in it from 1943 on. He did pull occupation duty in Berlin and did tour the Reich Chancellory actually standing next to Hitler's massive desk. Dad is 90 yes old and in remarkable health for his age. The book itself was a massive project for Joe. I even played a minor role in some of the proof reading and supplied many photos for him to use from dad's photo album. If by chance you use "Facebook",... Search for the "319th Glider Field Artillery" . I am a co admin and have posted a lot of photographs and items of interest. Up unt
  6. For the second year in a row I was able to take Dad to Fort Bragg for "All American Week". Dad was in the 319th Glider Field Artillery, "A" Battery, 82nd Airborne. He saw action at Normandy, Holland, The Bulge, and central Germany, finishing up with occupation duty in Berlin. Dad turns 90 years old next month and was still able to march with the veterans at the Division Review. He is the only 319th GFA Vet from WWII that can make the trip to Fort Bragg. Near as I can determine, only two others from his original Battery are still with us. Dad was treated like a rock star and we had a 1/LT
  7. My dad co-piloted a CG4A glider in the Groesbeek area. I have a framed map on the wall of my mancave titled "S Hertogenbosch" that dad used in Holland. Very interesting finds,... Greg
  8. I appreciate the remarks ... m151mp, The maps are both paper. Dad has two of the northern coast of France. One is titled "Cherbourg" & the other , "Le Harve". The Holland map is titled "S Hertgeonbosch". I do have a two sided silk map of southern France dad brought back. I have all four framed with acid free mattes and behind UV glass. Greg
  9. Here is one I did for the Holland (Market Garden). Greg
  10. Being an Asst. Admin of the 319th Glider Field Artillery Facebook page, I periodically try to change the photo beginning the page. I have taken some of dad's bring backs and put a couple of pictures together. I think they are interesting. Everything is WWII period including the maps. Greg
  11. My father was in the 319th GFA, A Battery during WWII. I just returned last week from Fort Bragg, NC where the 82nd Airborne had "All American Week". We were well taken care of by 1-319th AFAR and they made dad a rock star. They showered us with many gifts and at a picnic, dad was presented with a 105mm blank canister that was highly polished and engeaved with his name & 319th crest. Dad is one about 4 or 5 survivors of the 319th GFA, A Battery. He will be 89 this July and he even wore jumps boots and bloused his pants for the event. He even felt spry enough to march by the Generals review
  12. I've been to museum years ago. Dad wanted to see it when it was the D-Day museum. He enjoyed it and thought it was interesting. He thought the CG4A glider display looked real good. While Dad and I were looking at a table top map of Normandy, a grey haired gentleman approached Dad and asked in a foreign accent if he was in D-Day. Dad told him he was and came in with the 82nd Airborne. The gentleman smiled and asked where exactly he landed and Dad told him it was in a glider near Ste. Mere Eglise. The gentleman smiled again and told us his father was Mayor of Ste Mere Eglise when the 82nd landed
  13. Cedar, Was your Grandfather in the 2012th Ordinance Maintenance Company too? It's neat we can make the connection after so many years. Let me know when the book is published. My Uncle's wife is still alive and very interested in WWII history. If you can ID any photos from you collection of Bud I sure would like to see them. Greg
  14. Cedar, As to Bud being in the photo, I can't be sure but would guess the bottom row, 2nd from right. Do you know where was this photo taken at ?? Greg
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