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    My Main collection is of WW1 and WW2 Rifles, Bayonets and Helmets. and of course miscellaneous militaria . I also collect USAAF uniforms and flight gear.

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  1. Excellent thread to an American hero. It was a great read. Thanks Semper Fi Phil
  2. Excellent thread on a China Marine's medal. So this was a little R&R set up by the Chaplain??? Semper Fi Phil
  3. Excellent find. That electrically heated lens is a winner for that set!!!! Semper Fi Phil
  4. Just an FYI. Phil turned 100 today and from what I am being told, he had a great parade to honor him and the Mayor of The Dalles who attended, made it offically Phil Chaperon day in the city. I should be talking with him later today when I get off work. Semper Fi Phil
  5. Sorry, Had an after thought about these and the EDIT feature time expired, So what is the correct Name/Type/Model/Nomenclature of the Navy Version? Semper Fi Phil
  6. I had a chance to take a magnifying glass to this cap and the only sign of a tag would be these threads I found. Since it's Navy, This stich is found on the Aft seam of the cap. I found no other signs of tags or stitching on the Port and Starboard sides!!! Anchors Away My Boy, Anchors Away!!!! Semper Fi Phil
  7. Well Gent's, I'm not sure if all this USPS business thats going on put a fire under somebodies keaster, But my cap that was supposed to be here this coming Tuesday showed up in Saturday's mail. I was also watching the Grandkids Saturday, so I really couldn't take a great detailed look on this cap. Since all of that excellent information was shared here, I feel comfortable to say this is a US NAVY cap. This has been a very informative thread for me and I thank eveyone who participated and assisted me in this matter. I did take some photot's of what I belie
  8. Hello All, Well since I got my mannequins and my uniforms that were either in a large Tupperware type storage bins or closets, Are now in the open susceptible to getting DUSTY. I wanted something to cover them. My wife came up with the idea of using the rain Poncho's we had from all the travel kits we bought for our kid's trip's. They are just thin plastic. I like it. I put them on when I'm working, Then take them off when I'm off for the weekends to enjoy!! So everyone out there with one of these. What do you do??? Semper Fi Phil
  9. I saw that one. Actually I've been checking several times a day on Ebay for B-2's and that one is what I mentioned about the seam looking like mine. But has a tag. The one I bought just happened to pop up and I jumped. Maybe to soon!!!! I will definitely take a closer look at mine when it arrives. Semper Fi Phil .
  10. Thanks for the additional pic's Jerry. With the Navy cap's being shown. Its starting to look like the one I have coming might be Navy. (Yeah/Nay?) Or is this a private purchase like Ronald suggested?? I'm going to have to take a serious look at mine when it shows up. It should be here by Tuesday the 8th, Thank you all for the help. Semper Fi Phil
  11. Wow!!! That is a Beautiful cap Paul. I'll have a closer look at mine when it arrives to see if there were any tags on this one. Jerry, Yes I will have to find a Tagged AAF one to make this complete.. So where the makers of the AAF B-2 caps the same makers for the navy version?? Semper Fi Phil
  12. Jerry, Could you show me the inside(Liner) of your Navy version? Do the Navy versions have tags? Semper Fi Phil
  13. Hello Ronald, I don't have it in hand yet and these are the sellers pictures, But when I look at where the stitching is on the liner it has a cloth covering. Semper Fi Phil
  14. Thanks you for looking and the information Paul, I'll heed your words of caution on the shearling. I asked for the additional pic's of the flaps down prior to making the offer. This cap will be flying with Flaps Up!! The cap bill does have a fold to it. I'm going see if there is something that can be done to "Unfold" it. I'll have to see when I get this in hand to judge the condition of the leather. It might remain folded. Semper Fi Phil
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