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    My Main collection is of WW1 and WW2 Rifles, Bayonets and Helmets. and of course miscellaneous militaria . I also collect USAAF uniforms and flight gear.

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  1. Thank you Paul, I guess if you never seen older car seats or couche stuffing before, it would look like hay. The horse hair makes sense with it being used back then. Thanks again and Take care of yourself!! Semper Fi Phil
  2. Ok, I saw a chute and harness being discussed on a FB USAAF reenactor page and asked my question there, and I was told its just a cushion, That it contains a course type of hay material.. So no need to answer this question unless it was an incorrect answer. Take care Semper Fi Phil
  3. Thank you Sir!!! Semper Fi Phil
  4. Outstanding info!!Thank you Phantomfixer!! Now I got that down, One more? Since the harness and chute are different(Red or Yellow) does this mean a different time frame? Early/Late War? And yes Phantomfixer, LOL!!! I will need one for my Uncle's display eventually. Semper Fi Phil
  5. I do the same thing when I do and record interviews of veterans. I just don't keep it to the war years. I tell them to tell me about yourself? What you did before , during and after the war? This does tend to take some time, I wait until they are done, I only ask questions when they are finished. I don't want to go off track and have them forget the important things to them. I grew up listening to all their stories they have and I love it!! It's good to know the person and not just the warrior that served this Great Nation!! Keep up the great work Joe! I'll be looking forward to updates. Stay Safe! Semper Fi Phil
  6. Very nice find Phantomfixer. That will look great on display! Not something I've gotten into yet, But am trying to learn about these as I see someday I'll be there. So I have to ask, I've seen the term "red group" used in another thread here and was wondering, What does that refer to? Semper Fi Phil
  7. Since I haven't gotten into or studied parachutes yet, I have to ask. What is in the backpack of this set up? It looks to small to be a parachute. Semper Fi Phil
  8. I would love to see it! Can you post a pic? Semper Fi Phil
  9. It would have to be between 1969 – December 1974. That is when they flew the F-4J Semper Fi Phil
  10. Thanks Dave!! Happy Independence Day!!!! Semper Fi Phil
  11. Hello Dave, Yes I did notice the flight helmet, It even has the chinstrap with shearing on it. So yes an AN-H-16. Now this is October of 1943 and when I asked Phil about what he wore on the day they were shot down,(April 13th 1944) He said he had the tan material flight helmet. So yes I have what he wore then, But not this one from this pic. Like I mentioned. In the future I'll probably be adding a AN-H-16 to the collection. I can pick which picture I'm try to duplicate, But one at a time! The way he dressed that day they were shot down went as follows and this is what he told me. He put on thermal underwear, Then his uniform and the F-1 blue bunny suit and the mechanic coverall. From there he said he wore the green pants with alpaca lining.( So I went with the A-9 for that time frame) when I just recently talked to him, he said when It got cold he put on the leather jacket like what Fioretti (Pilot) wore in that picture. Which is the B-3. I'm trying to replicate that pic of them by the Damned Yankee II. I'll have to add more equipment to this to make that 1943 picture. I have to start on my Uncle Joe's display before I do the 1943 pic. Thanks for the ID of the gloves he wearing. Also I noticed that the leg on the left( right leg) of the picture has a zipper on it. The A-4 I have has the open pocket and I thought the next one had a button on the pocket. Is that an A-4 he is wearing in that pic? It is a great pic, I was really happy his daughter sent me those. I did share the colorized version with her and she is going to show it to Phil. Take care Semper Fi Phil
  12. Hello again Folk's Well I mentioned that a member here and on WRF (John) colorized a pic of Phil for me and I got a frame to hang it. So Here is Phil in 1943 at the 384th Base at Grafton Underwood, My friend cropped this pic from this picture that Phil's daughter sent me. So I moved my Navy uncle over on the wall next to my WAC aunt and put Phil next to his display. Semper Fi Phil
  13. Hello All, I had some free time to play dress up and put the items that I picked up on Phil, So I added the low quarter boots and the A-9 flight trousers. The boots worked out great. They went on easy and they don't look like clodhopper clown shoes on the display. I was afraid being size 14 they might not look good. But NOPE!!! The A-9 trouser are size 40 and they fit perfect. All buttons are buttoned and no material is being stressed or stretched out. The suspenders leather tabs have no weigh being put on them and the elastic is just laying over the shoulders. So I am down to a B-2 cap and set of leather F-2 gloves ,a set of A-6 flight boots and a A-10 jacket to get me to the first stage of this. Stage 2 will be the the B-4 life preserver and Parachute harness. I think I will put stage 2 on the back burner and start working on my Uncle Joe's display. For him I'll need the A-2 leather jacket and the B-4 life preserver to replicate the Damned Yankee II crew pic. A member over on the WRF was kind enough to colorize some new pic's of Phil I got. Phil's daughter found some nice one's of him in his flight gear and sent them to me. I need to get more frames to hang that up. I think I'm going to move the Navy Uncle over with my Aunt and put the pic of Phil next to Joe and the Phil display!!!. Semper Fi Phil
  14. Very Cool! Great job!! So any intensions to have any type of launchings/ Sim rounds???? Semper Fi Phil
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