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    My Main collection is of WW1 and WW2 Rifles, Bayonets and Helmets. and of course miscellaneous militaria . I also collect USAAF uniforms and flight gear.

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  1. I'll also chime in and say that they look to be the same Man. Semper Fi Phil
  2. Excellent helmet. I loved the tutorial and photo album that went along with it. Awesome presentation!!! Semper Fi Phil
  3. That is a beautiful B-13. I love that it is an 8th AF. I have a B-14 that is sporting the 8th AF patch. Who knows maybe someday I'll run across an 8th AF B-13 and I'll be forced to buy it to make a set!!! That is a Great looking display P59A!! Semper Fi Phil
  4. OK, I'll just say it!!! YOU DA MAN AZNATION!!!!! Semper Fi Phil
  5. Thank you Kat!! Hello Mr.Jerry, That is very kind of you. I'll take you up on that offer. PM sent. Thank You! Semper Fi Phil
  6. Thank USVM, That is great information. She was a WAAC prior to becoming a WAC. I'll have to check again for tag's, I did not see any when I took it out and saw I needed buttons for this one. But having the SSgt chevrons that would put her in the latter part of her service as a WAC. So metal one's for this one. Are the metal buttons the same for male and female uniforms ? Or do I need to look for specific WAC buttons? Semper Fi Phil
  7. Hello All, I was going through my Aunt Annie's uniforms and I guess I missed it, but I have one jacket that dos not have any buttons on it. I think its the worsted wool type These have the eyelets sewn around the holes so I know I can use the type that attached with the retaining rings. The picture is of the same jacket, just looks darker. My question is . Do I need to find the brown plastic buttons or will this use the metal gilded one's for this jacket? Thanks for looking.
  8. Excellent display BBG!! You took it down to the finest details and BAM!!! It looks Awesome!!! I love the tiger paint job on the helmet!!! Semper Fi Phil
  9. They say you die twice, Once when you take that last breath. Then when the last person ,say's your name for the Last Time. Phee will live for generations in my house. He is known by all that know me. My Family and Friends know who Phee is. My grandson's know his name and they say "Hi Phil" every time they come and visit and see my display!!!! I will continue to Honor the Greatest Generation this Nation has seen. For any who know a Vet. Call them. Talk to them. They are fading fast, Don't miss your chance. We need to keep the memor
  10. I just got this from Phil's daughter. Farewell My Friend! Semper Fi Phil
  11. Happy Birthday! Semper Fi Phil
  12. Excellent addition to anybody's ECM collection. My first time seeing and hearing about this one. Thanks for sharing it. Semper Fi Phil
  13. Thanks Marty, It was the helmet that Patches posted that broke the camels back and I had to ask. I've done metal work. I know the heat required to braze and silver solder ,but the rank always retains its Silver/Gold finish. Do they Heatsink the rank?? Not having an example to study I thought I would ask the expert here, Semper Fi Phil To hear some were glued is also an interesting method.
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