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    collect WWII/vietnam U.S. items only.
  1. It's an m1917 Mounted canteen cover. Just missing the strap Link to a thread here M1917 Canteen Cover
  2. Forgot about the purple heart! Yes I'm looking for both then. I'm not sure when he was awarded the air medal. I've sent away for his records but haven't received anything yet. Would the air medal have been awarded posthumously?
  3. Francis and Forrest Darblay were friends of my grandparents, whos son Forrest JR was shot down and killed in December 1944. I found out he was in the 376th Bomb Group. I have some of his possessions such as postcards and some miscellaneous things, but I am missing his air medal. I have the case for it, but it was full of buttons sadly. Any info and help is greatly appreciated, I'd love to get this back with his other things. His family is from East Sandwich MA if that helps at all. His name can be found on the 376th website of KIA http://www.armyaircorps-376bg.com/kia_mia.html T
  4. Well I've had this trip flare in my collection for a while. I was just going through some stuff and rediscovered it. Which got me thinking, it doesn't look like it's ever been used. Now, I don't know what it is supposed to look like after it's spent either. It just seems very clean, no burn marks or anything, and when I push down on the spoon it moves back to it's original position like it's under spring tension. Any thoughts, what are the odds it's live? Should I be worried (mostly about accidentally setting it off) if it is live? Thanks Eric Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  5. Reminds me of Ward Cleavers suitcase from that episode of Leave it to Beaver!
  6. Looks like its be anodized green, but for what reason I have no idea Eric
  7. Its for M1 Carbine mag pouches, there are some photos / info in this thread Eric http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/85837-magazine-belt-for-an-m1-carbine/
  8. Saw these on a Facebook for sale ad, they're a little out of my way but if I could have some help identifying what they are it may be worth it for me to go get them. Some woodland camo clothing which is of no interest to me- Obviously one bag is clearly marked US and appears to be a duffle of some sort? It's the OD/Khaki one off to the left I'm most curious about, it appears to be a back pack of some sort possibly? Pistol belt can be seen, musette bag but it appears to be leather? or possibly heavily soiled. Thanks in advance Eric Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. I built a 1/48 (I believe it was a Revell) F4U corsair way back when I was in high school. I've wanted to build a larger version for some time and thought I'd buy it for myself for Christmas this year. I want to hang it up, so I would like to build it with the landing gear up. The 1/48 one I built did not have that option and could only be built with the landing gear down. I've been eyieng the Revell 1/32 version, but am unsure if it can be built 'flying'. Has anyone had any experience with this model, or can anyone recommend one that can be built with the landing gear up? thanks -Eric
  10. Found this box under an old workbench at my grandfathers house, I was just wondering if anyone had a little more info on it. So from what I understand a bathythermograph measures water temperature at different depths. And it's military purpose was because different water temperatures could affect sonar, and that's about all I got. So first question, is this for a Military one? And what exactly is a 'smoked slide' any info appreciated.
  11. i had never seen one of these until now, and so i went home and did a little research and decided $20 wasnt a bad price for it and went back to the store and got it. Its a little salty, the tools are all rusty but they still open fine, and one of the spacers is broken so the screwdriver just opens freely. I learned that there should be markings on the can opener and that the spacers between the tools should be brass. The spacers and the little lanyard hook are brass, but there are no markings ANYWHERE. So is there anyone out there who's more of an expert on these and can give me some info? my
  12. I just had a question about the M1 garand bayonet scabbard regarding the 'notches' cut out below the metal piece. I have two M1 bayonets, and one scabbard has the metal piece crimped and there is no little cutouts below it, while the other one is crimped into like these two little cut outs, my question is what is the difference, or classification if any of the two different scabbards?
  13. The box does say EE-99-A, i had found one website before, it was of little help. There was one blurb about it and that was it. So its definitely like a telephone line amplifier?
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