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  1. The first photo of General Taylor was obviously not taken on d-day so it's possible that the jacket has been boiled to remove cc2. The second shows what seems to be the characteristic slate gray color that most reinforcings seem to have had. The reinforcings on Forrest Guths suit in the third photo appears to be so faded that it almost blends in to the rest of the suit. The same effect can be seen on the trooper to his left with the M1 slung over his shoulder. Obviously some of this can be attributed to lighting and camera quality but for an average it seems most troopers suits didn't have sup
  2. Thanks for the recommendations all! I think it's definitely true that some suits had very strong colors in the reinforcements, especially it seems if they had a heavy dose of cc2. But even those aren't as dark as most off the rack uniforms are now. I have a few pictures of what seems to be the average color of reinforcements on D-Day, I'll see if I can put those up later. Also I'm not really a reenactor, more looking for a good collection placeholder that looks the part.
  3. Does anyone know someone who reinforces m42 jackets? Would like to be as accurate as possible with the sewing and the faded/dingy gray looking color that original reinforcements have. Thanks!
  4. Don't know about others but I can usually tell a repro from an original on the color of the camo. The most obvious color difference is the "dark brown". On most originals the dark brown is a very reddish clay like color, on reproductions it's almost always a dark mud color. The greens are also different but it's more subtle. The brown side usually has an overall pinkish tone to it.
  5. Really unfortunate for whoever dropped the cash on it. I've never seen any swivel bail 101st helmets with markings that large, or in that shape.
  6. Made a trip to NAS Pensacola recently to see the amazing naval aviation musuem there. There was tons of cool stuff but this mk1 really caught my eye, I've never seen a blue dyed mk1 vest before. It belonged to VT-8 devastator pilot George Gay of Midway fame.
  7. After realizing today was the 70th anniversary I decided to cobble together a quick 3rd Marine Division layout in the 'under construction' war room. A few things missing, I would've liked to have had it on a torso but I have yet to get one. Anyways, if you see anything questionable let me know. Enjoy!
  8. Yep, that's a Marine belt. You can tell by the two peice brass buckle. It's a nice one too.
  9. If you go for a 2nd Mardiv setup you should throw a P42 jacket or trousers into the mix, there's a lot of Mixing P41s and P42s on Saipan as well. I'm not aware of the the 4th Mardiv using any camouflage, though. Also, it looks like after the landing the packs seem to be discarded and the contents were carried in the lightweight gas mask bag.
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