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    Vietnam War US Special Forces uniforms and items, WW2 US Airborne, 1903 Springfield rifles. Really anything Military

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  1. Aussie SASR on camels........wearing ERDL
  2. Aussie SASR, running a mix of RDF, BDQ and ERDL post vietnam
  3. Yep now with better pics, Gwb is right, the epaulettes have been added which as longhorn pointed out wasn't uncommon. Looks like officer rank and MOS ghosting on the collar. The name Maggio doesn't come up as an officer, only NCOs in the whos who. So its a 3rd pattern poplin shirt that been modified and tailored.
  4. I believe its one of those transitional variations in between the 1st pattern and 2nd pattern jungle jackets or even from the 2nd pattern to 3rd pattern. The size tag and the FSN is correct and it shares some common features of the standard 2nd pattern coat. Is that ghosting of officers rank and MOS on the collar?
  5. An then a few that i no longer own but still nice none the less
  6. Always had a soft spot for ERDL, nice one O Few of my ERDL pieces
  7. Its such a shame as his collection is great. There has got to be some that are legit just going by the law of averages. I mean how much could he embellish/hump up? Did he forge documents? I'm surprised some of the items are just sitting around and not stored in plastic etc
  8. anyone have the 551st Roster? Any one with the initials WS in there?
  9. is that a Chinese or Japanese character embroidered on the collar?
  10. yeah definitely another topic on these, i think Kammo man posted about them
  11. Great stuff again Jason and Aric, looking forward to it.
  12. Sean Huze in "In the valley of Elah" A Tommy Lee Jones movie
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