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    Vietnam War US Special Forces uniforms and items, WW2 US Airborne, 1903 Springfield rifles. Really anything Military

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  1. anyone have the 551st Roster? Any one with the initials WS in there?
  2. 63 RECON

    USMC m43 !!!!

    is that a Chinese or Japanese character embroidered on the collar?
  3. yeah definitely another topic on these, i think Kammo man posted about them
  4. Great stuff again Jason and Aric, looking forward to it.
  5. Sean Huze in "In the valley of Elah" A Tommy Lee Jones movie
  6. cheers Tom, my thinking is that its a mix of loose manufacturing specs as bodes stated and the pocket size being the same so they are varying positions to fit them on the chest panel of the jacket.
  7. Are they all different sizes?
  8. There are few Casey's to choose from but a couple of possibilities
  9. Arthur Peterson Jr as "The Major" on Soap. He actually served in WW2 under Patton.
  10. Pvt. Martin Jordan, 173d Abn Bde, mans his position with an M79 grenade launcher, 5 May 1965.
  11. fantastic, never get tired of seeing your stuff Tom. Is that a rigger made cover for the knuckle knife sheath?
  12. Embroidered CIB on guy at right. Picture caption read - Korea, June, 1953: Rocky, a two-month-old bear cub presented to Lt. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor by South Koreans, appears intent on removing a chunk of the hand of Cpl. William J. Richardson of Brooklyn, N.Y. At right is Cpl. Marvin Van Tickle of Freehold, N.J. Rocky, captured by South Korean troops at the front, was put to work as official mascot of the Eighth Army Honor Guard
  13. And..... Mr T as B.A. Baracus and George Peppard as John 'Hannibal' Smith
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