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  1. What do you think about this one? Post war M1 with strange number-only one digit between M and A. Very early 1950s manufacture or error is heat stamp?
  2. Wow... just wow. Great to see such amazing collection of airborne related items among tons of German stuff such popular in our country
  3. Do you know in which company of 2/1 he served?
  4. He was awarded two DFCs. One for WWII and one for Korea.
  5. Great to see some new information! I found he was CO of 2/11 on Guadalcanal.
  6. That's a great find! Are you going to restore his ribbon rack how it looked during WWII or leave it as they look right now?
  7. Cap probably made during rest and refit fro 1st Marine division after Guadalcanal. It was made in the state of Victoria but EGA doesn't look like Australian made. I think it's officers M1926 version.
  8. It's a real one. I used to have one early fixed bail used after WWII by Danish army, it was painted with bright-Green color and with replaced Chin straps.
  9. Take a look at your message box, I send what I've learned so far about your father or how to get more informations about him. Regards James
  10. Patrick, I send you a message. Im waiting for your reply. Regards James
  11. Maybe it's some experimental type between M1939 and M1944... Just my idea.
  12. Looks to be private purchase blouse? Patch looks nice, this small size I Mac type is not so common.
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