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  1. Very nice uniform, that would be nice to be able to read his letters. they may answer a few questions.
  2. Are those Lucky Charms stars glued on the front?
  3. An approximate location may be helpful. Maybe a forum member who is traveling that is connected to a museum could help you out. Just throwing that out there, Anything is possible.
  4. Ok I'll bite, one half of a set of book ends.
  5. Looks like I'm having some technical issues on my end will try to post more photos later
  6. Here is my addition to this topic. WWII 1st AD uniform with 1st armored division insignia
  7. Here is my addition to this topic. WWII 1st AD uniform with 1st armored division insignia
  8. Wow 537 pages here and I finally have something relevant to add, I have waited years for this moment. Lol. Ken, 18-8 is not a date but rather the grade of stainless steel the fork is made from. CB
  9. Had this service coat for a while and thought it might be a good idea to do some photos and try a little preliminary research, I think this one is worth an attempt. So far nothing has panned out but I'll keep plugging away.
  10. American Aero Services is having their open hanger day on Saturday November 17 9am to 2pm Admission is a donation of pet food. Aircraft on display will be the Collins Foundation new B-17, B-24, P-38, Hellcat project, PBY project, and Mustang project American Aero Services is located at 1501 Airway Circle New Smyrna Beach Fl. I have been to several of these over the years and always had a great time, you never know what you might see from warbirds to military vehicles to the veterans themselves. If you have never been to a real warbird restoration facility you owe it to yourself to go and
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