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  1. This is very interesting - goes to show that tin-plated spoons and forks (therefore WW2_ could have serif and sans serif!
  2. Hi Folks, Would it be correct to say: WW2 Spoon & Fork - if tin-plated or silver plated AND US marked with serifs WW2 Spoon & Fork - for stainless steel ,if US has serifs, then WW2; if US is sans serif (simple font), then post-WW2 WW2 Fork - would have long tines versus short tines (post WW2) Richard
  3. Thanks Charlie. You stated " Carbine rounds packed in bandoleers on stripper clips didn't come into widespread use until Korea." So in late WW2 there were some that were packed in bandoleers on stripper clips (with the spoon), though very uncommon? If so, these would be very, very hard to find.
  4. Thank you Charlie! Very useful information. Love the ammo box!
  5. Yeah I think its military issue too. No ammo with the bandoliers.....
  6. Thank you so much for your inputs Iron Bender....so reading between the lines, this bandoliered ammo was intended for civilian use?
  7. Guys, Can someone help ID the year of this bandolier with the FA card? What is Type IMR powder?
  8. Interesting thread. Got some questions though: Were 30-06 bandoliers in very late WW2 (1945) marked with the lot numbers? Were M1 carbine rounds issued in bandoliers during WW2? If yes, were the bandos also unmarked? Were they marked in very late WW2?
  9. Beautiful! Just beautiful!! Thanks again, Charlie!
  10. Also wondering if this was WW2. Repacked lot TW-L18912 API M8...I believe this would be Twin Cities
  11. Thanks so much for the info and pic, Charlie. Very nice card. Are both the lot numbers and repacked lot numbers WW2? I have a box I am evaluating and the repacked lot number on the box is D.M. - L-21573 and was wondering if it was WW2?
  12. Hi Charlie, thanks again so much! You were spot on! It was indeed belted 4AP - 1TR! Do you also have a reference for 50 cal lot numbers? I have here in my collection - POD L101350 Another question: I have some cans that weren't repacked lot marked but simply were stenciled 4AP-1TR. Weren't all ammo boxes assumed to be repacked lots? Best, Richard
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