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  1. couple more photos...sorry - cant figure out how to properly resize photos for quality is this for a really small guy - this is like a 10-12 boys size
  2. Walking past kids section in a thrift store and these caught my eyes... Trying to figure these out - look theatre made - but youth size or just very small soldier? 25" waist, 24" inseam
  3. what do we think - is this a theater made jacket from an early vietnam poncho liner? Well done with lots of nice features - very happy it's my size anyway!
  4. Thats what I thought it was - but I dont see the pink overtones
  5. Sorry - being color blind sometimes makes some of these patterns harder to figure out Any idea what pattern and country it is from?
  6. Thats what I thought...thanks!
  7. Who made these repros? Hama zipper. Recent?
  8. Posting this for a member of another forum...he's looking for info on this. Any info I can pass along would be great. Never mind...repro...sorry for the confusion..ok to delete
  9. Thanks! Fading thru me off on a couple...next time I will learn to scroll down the web page I was using as research to find these! Appreciate the quick response!
  10. Ok...I'll caveat this as to me being color blind and new to the game, but maybe I am not using the best reference guide, but could I get some help in IDing these? I got the Good Conduct, Occupation..but thats as far as I got.
  11. Can someone let me know what rifles I am looking at in this photo? Any idea as to what they might be doing in the photo? Thanks in advance!
  12. I am listing a few photos on ebay and wondering if I should worry about watermarking them? Is this something that would protect the buyer that would be better for me as the seller? Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but appreciate any input.
  13. Were these ever made in goathide? Or cow leather with a goathide look? Just curious...
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