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  1. Thanks everyone for the input! Survival, the inventory list is printed on top of each box, quite a bit is missing. I will see if I can get better pictures of the inventory list on each box and include those for reference. What info I found about the compass indicates it is the following COMP-24 World War Two Corps of Engineers GURLEY Made Lensatic Artillery Compass Worth about $100 in decent condition JustRite Mfg. Penlight has no model # on it so who knows
  2. Box #2 Soap Tissues Hacksaw Blade Benzedrine Sulfate (pretty deterioated) Conray Products First Aid kit taped shut (2 Morphine Syrettes intact, sulfadiazine tablets intact)
  3. Box #1 JustRite Pen light Mark 3 Signaling Mirror Cordage, Fishing Equipment Match case with Matches W. & L.E. Gurley Lensatic compass
  4. Pouch top with flaps open showing 2 inner plastic boxes
  5. Started research on a kit my grandfather left me He flew F4 Corsairs in Pacific Theater thru Korea for the US Navy Picture attached, obviously some stuff missing Any help would be appreciated Pouch front
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