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  1. Seems like every film of infantry be it hollywood or news reels guys are using Zippos - I have a few that I've owed from the 70's at least - and like the old half and half tins it's the same old shinola - the fluid is the same like the pocket warmers - no way heating oil or gasoline were used in these - who the heck used these?
  2. How exactly did that work - Cigarettes are in rations and matches - why are Zippos so prevalent from the 40's on how could they possibly be used in the field?
  3. I have the books I know quite a bit about WWII insignia - I'd like to read more about post WWII / Korea I don't think I'm out of line asking for more info. I just want to see more examples and info from this time frame.
  4. Any info would be great - thanks Wake1941
  5. I'm Interested in forum members info - thanks bud.
  6. Any info -more images - Battle Group/Battalion info any info thanks!
  7. I have a bunch of these unit patches - would like any info!? Thank you.
  8. Thank you for looking - one seemed kinda stiff but probably starch
  9. It's odd that a 517 vet has 2 years oversea hash - and he was able to pass the uniform down to family but was KIA? seems odd to me but i've been wrong before.
  10. The description: I've been collecting for over 55 years and it is now time to start letting most of my personal collection go. This group was acquired several years ago from a family member many generations from the time. This is another one of the many identified group of items from a combat airborne vet that I have found over the years but the only from one killed in action. This is a hard one to list but I feel quite privileged to have taken care of it over all these years and it is going to be hard letting it go. The family must have taken pretty good care of these and there is very little soiling and only very minor moth damage (to be described) that I can see. The trousers shown did not come with the group, only the jacket, shirt and cap. I'll throw in the trousers to complete the set for display. I am listing these items as collectibles. As such, the only size information given in the description are those marked on the items. The photos really tell the whole story so please review them carefully. If you need more photos contact me and I'll see what I can do. Please feel free to ask relevant questions. I do not ship international - no exceptions. This uniform group is from the 17th Airborne Division, 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Their battle history is astounding and every bit as exemplary as that of other airborne units. The 17th was comprised of many combat vets from the 101st and 82nd, especially the NCO's. They fought tough campaigns in France, Belgium and Germany. They also displayed almost unbelievable valor. As with other airborne units, their rise to fame in print and film is well earned. This group belonged to Sergeant George Mills 13083638. Sergeant Mills served with G Co., 3rd Bn., 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division. EBay is limited to 12 photos so I attempted to pick the best representations possible. I could have filled the listing with nothing but Ike jacket photos but instead selected enough photos that serious and experienced collectors will easily recognize that this is a uniquely complete group of original and ID'd items. Sgt. Mills was killed in action on January 19, 1945. He is buried at the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Liege, Belgium. The items are as follows: (1) Jacket: The jacket is a standard OD serge wool Ike type. It is tagged as a 343L. They tag inside the inside right pocket reads "Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot." There is a faint "M3638 along the right side lining. The markings are faint but readable. I'm not sure what kind of ink or device he marked his uniform items with but they are faded. The collar brass are clip back with flat faced clips. The 517th oval is sewn to the jacket and there is a set of sterling jump wings. The ribbon has two battle stars. The CIB is clip back with flat faced clips. The shooting badge was machine gun and pistol bars. 17th Airborne Division patch on the upper left sleeve. There are five pencil point moth holes on the lower part of the right sleeve just above the cuff strap. There is no other moth damage that I can see. (2) Shirt: This is standard issue OD wool shirt. The shirt is labeled 15 1/2 X 33. There is a faint "M-3638" just below the collar. There is one small pencil point sized hole below the left pocket. There is a white clipped in laundry tag on the tail of the shirt with "M3638" on it. (3) Cap: The cap is made of OD serge wool matching the jacket and is piped in light blue piping. The cap has a fabric sweatband and is unlined. One side of the sweatband has "M3638" and the other side "Sgt. George Mills 13083638." The cap label reads "rose Coat & Suit Co." and is dated October 6, 1943. The hat is soiled from wear but all marks are legible. As mentioned above, I will throw in a pair of Mustard OD trousers and a webbed belt with an open faced brass buckle to add to the group but they did not originally come with the group. The "family" member I got it from wanted to strip everything metal off the jacket before selling it but I did a lot of fast talking on that deal - ultimately managing to keep it all together. I will also be listing several other groups in the coming days, some original scarce paper items and other unique items I grabbed over the years so please check out my other listings from time to time. This is a fairly heavy group of clothing so the shipping costs reflect that. I will refund any unused shipping. I only use PayPal for payment unless other arrangements are made before you bid. Once again, I do not and will not ship international so please do not ask. I also do not ship items to "friends" in the states.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-IDd-WW2-17th-Airborne-517th-PIR-Sgt-KIA-Combat-Vet-Uniform-Group/392218046831?hash=item5b5204716f:g:2g4AAOSw~slcQRTN:rk:17:pf:0
  12. Kinda makes me want another option for trading/selling.
  13. That account is at 100% positive - wow.
  14. Sorry for not checking in - Thank you for the Info! Marines doing the work. thank you
  15. 100% would love to trade you Bill - bone marrow for that patch?
  16. I don't think I've seen this stuff before but dang lots of odd things - sorry if I'm out of my lane but wow- Thank you
  17. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950s-ORIG-AIRBORNE-PARATROOPER-506th-PARACHUTE-INF-PATCH-FELT-UNIFORM-REMOVED/283325350286?hash=item41f781c18e:g:M3kAAOSwvfpcLTdr:rk:8:pf:0 is this seller a known eeeehhhh fake dealer? He had a 1st Ranger tab that looked iffy and a few 187 ssi that looked iffy?
  18. Thanks fellas - hope this auction goes away with no sale.
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