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  1. Thanks for that info and side by side photo, thats helpful. It does look much lighter. Gives me a little more to consider.
  2. What is your opinion of that reproduction one? Is it an accurate replica and worth the cost? I just picked up an original but its not in the greatest shape. Id like a replica for museum displays and classes. Thanks. Walt
  3. Great display! I'm also working on putting together all of the contents. Where did you get the reproduction E-1 case? I've been looking and only found a company in France. Thanks! Walt
  4. Pretty much. Just an illumination round since in '09 it was difficult to shoot much else.
  5. They are well made knives. I carried one on my first Iraq deployment in an original M8 scabbard. Held up well for the limited uses I had like opening ammo crates and MRE boxes.
  6. I have a few in my collection that are the same style rifle and wreath. Three are pin back and two are clutch. One of the clutch back ones has the same curved stamp, the other has a 2 ribbon bar attached with the short pins bent down to make a pin back so I cannot confirm what the stamp is underneath. I'm also interested in what the opinions are. My feeli was that they were Britiah made.
  7. Thanks gents. I'll update if I find out anything about the owner.
  8. This isn't exactly a blank form, or even WWII but may be of interest anyway. I came across this over the weekend in the grouping of a WWI lieutenant from the 119th IR. Since the grouping included several maps and a map case full of aerial recon photos I'm thinking that he may have been in the battalion S2 section. I had no idea with the capsule was when I first started looking through the grouping and ignored it until I noticed the stub of paper sticking out the top and then it clicked that it may be a pigeon capsule. I carefully retrieved and unfolded the note. My heart skipped a beat w
  9. There is a name on the inside, but cross checking with the rosters that I found online has not produced a match. There was a Bowman that was with the 339th who died of wounds, but the first initial is different. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Time has not been to kind to the uniform and the patch displays some damage, but still looks rather nice.
  11. I came across this uniform on eBay a few weeks ago while looking for a basic WWI jacket to go with my small helmet display. I came across it listed as a "WWII uniform" under vintage men's clothing and got it for a great deal. It also came with a set of matching pants and some button-down leggings that do not look military, but more like an early 1900's civilian style. In the corner of the listing photo I caught a glimpse of the NR patch and had no idea what it was, but dropped a low bid since it looked complete and had collar insignia. I initially thought that it was the 339th MG BN, but a
  12. One more for now is one of the unauthorized ones that has been floating around eBay lately with an M24 in place of the 1795 Springfield. It's actually a well made badge. There are no markings on the back.
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