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  1. As Owen says, also SVN Marines used this kind of covers and...any kind of bands...here one well know pic.
  2. I'm glad to hear this Owen ...and, after 3 years, I thanks to you again for this opportunity I'm really happy that you had appreciate my "twins"..thanks to you Justin
  3. In this case the liner is a standard Firestone mod.1955 liner... also this time the headband (and leather chinstrap) was added. But no dubt, the job is recent, they are "made in japan".
  4. the second one..I take this one few days ago.
  5. It's a nice early II WW liner with Vogt manifacturing corporation rayon suspension. Tha headband is not correct, but it was added from a lot of time, probably I think, by the Police VN man.
  6. I'm glad to show you my twins...CSQC - SAIGON. Interesting the fact that are virtually identical. Same kind of black spray paint, same crackle and same kind of decal paper on the sides.
  7. In my opinion it's a recent job. The blue is too much brillant.
  8. Just few words: Stunning Ranger helmets!!! Are both without liner?
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