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    WTB: WWII field scarf
  1. Thanks for all the responses :thumbsup: I am particularly searching for field uniform and field gear reference for the Army during WWII. I want to educate myself as much as possible so I do not purchase items that are either fake or pieced together with incorrect items (buttons, strings, straps, etc.). The goal now is to complete a mid war Army GI mannequin (which I am very close to completing), then eventually moving on to late and early war mannequin displays. After that I am sure I will move on to some other WWII era display as I really do not see myself ever stopping. I am a co
  2. Can anyone tell me what the absolute best WWII US uniform reference book there is? I am in need of all the information I can get regarding uniforms and personal gear from the era and I would like to purchase a book to have in the collection. Any help is appreciated. -Peter
  3. Can anyone tell me the dimensions of a WWII era US GI field blanket?
  4. A couple of days in direct sun on the porch did the trick. No more stench :thumbsup:
  5. I just received a tent pole and pegs and WOW do they stink of moth balls! How do I get rid of this stench from wood? These things smell worse than my grandma's closet. BLECH!!!
  6. I purchased this some time ago as a real WWII medic brassard. I was wondering if some of you guys who have expertise could tell from the stitching and the fabric.
  7. There is someone in my area selling a WWII era blanket and the manufacture tag is completely faded and unreadable while there is a smaller tag that reads 988T. Anyone know what this 988T means?
  8. Great score! Now you need to go out and spend some coin on a nice liner
  9. Amazing. Thank you so much! I love this place.
  10. How rare are WWII leather utensil sheaths for the haversack? I cannot seem to find any. Are these really that rare?
  11. These all look fantastic. I think I know what my next focus will be after completing my early WWII GI
  12. I am putting together an early WWII Army soldier mannequin display and was wondering what type of gas mask and gas mask bag would fit the period. I appreciate any help. Cheers! -Peter
  13. These shows still happening this year? Any new dates? I am not too far from Toms River and would like to check it out.
  14. It was a joy to read through this post. Absolutely wonderful.
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