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  1. hello , usually helmet marines have stamp with name
  2. great example with all gun mount , hard to found parts !!!
  3. hello , thanks for information ,so 1930 era ? or 1950 ? olivier
  4. work in progress , hard to decypher ..... olivier
  5. hello perhaps Raymond W Wilson have belt with similar marking , same unit olivier
  6. hello thanks , unusual here in europe olivier
  7. hello found this strange shirt with renforcement with hole abave pockets for officer , interwar era ? thanks olivier
  8. hello , pic please , saw usn work jacket with 005 and liner with 000 perhaps seabees unit ? olivier
  9. hello thanks for information , found in france , in old us army storage not used after 1945 edit , found this http://384thbombgroup.com/_content/_pages/person.php?PersonKey=7463 415th air service group so USAAF rattached to 384th bombardment group olivier
  10. hello have this fire extinghuiser with unit marking , someone known , found nothing for this unit thanks olivier
  11. hello just bought 2 weeks ago on ebay ,individual score book named to Ksiazek , so after research found this topic olivier
  12. hello for number first 5 or 6 , second ? , last 3 olivier
  13. hello thanks all , yes one piping removed and yes no stars on reverse little size so BSA is right from Westbrook Maine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westbrook,_Maine olivier
  14. hello found in my storage this jumper , look old , before WW2 named to Labrocque ? SSS Bear patch and Westbrook found this on SS Bear https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Bear and nothing for Westbrook look like intresting jumper , unfortunately some mothing ... thank
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