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  1. to the top for some fresh eyes. I am still searching military schools for cadet rank.... anyone else recognize this pin? Thanks
  2. only reason I listed the USNA connection is that this shield shaped pin came with known US Naval Academy insignia Could be older ROTC related or military school as you mentioned, I just don't know
  3. Does anyone recognize this pin? I've searched and searched and have come up empty It may have a US Naval Academy connection, but not sure. Thank you in advance for taking the time to look and help!
  4. The official list of 325 holders of the CIB with 2 Stars does not have a KING listed (this from the National Infantry Museum)
  5. How big is it? Looks like a vehicle License plate topper or a vehicle ID plate?
  6. Thanks! After researching that route I have found that you are indeed correct. As it is NON-US, moderators can remove this entire post if they want. Thanks again
  7. got this super well made star in a group of US military insignia but I have never seen one like this. Made of metal, made to look like heavy thick bullion. 3/4" across with a large screw attachment on the reverse. No markings that I can find. Hope you can help and I thank you in advance for looking.
  8. That's it!!! The knowledge base here is fantastic. I appreciate the help. All the best
  9. Hello all, This came in a grouping of insignia I found recently. After spending a couple hours last night looking at all the US armed Forces ribbons, Federal Gov ribbons and JROTC and ROTC ribbons, I have been unable to locate it. Does any one out there recognize it. Black central strip with a red band, white band and black to each edge. Thank you in advance for taking the time to look.
  10. Nifty! Thanks I assume a sweetheart piece or lapel pin since the size is so small? I really appreciate your time and response.
  11. This little wing came in a group of WWI and WWII home front items. It is made of a heavy dense gray/silver metal, pin back with locking catch, measures 1.25" across. Nice details to front, no markings on the reverse. Does anyone know what this wing was for? Thanks
  12. another chance to bump this up for fresh eyes to see it. Any help? Thanks
  13. Does anyone out there in the Brain Trust recognize this thing? Made of non-magnetic silver-tone metal. Strong, not able to bend it. About 3/4" wide and 5/8 tall. has "US" stamped through it. It came with a large group of WWI and WWII insignia, pins, rank badges and such. Thanks in advance for your time
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