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  1. I'd like to see how this turns out. Good luck and I will be watching. Thanks Mark
  2. Hello Any updates on this project? If there was something in my area (Toledo, Ohio) I would be interested. Thanks Mark
  3. The US Navy no longer issues Dungarees? That is sad to hear. Mark
  4. I never had a problem with the Dungarees. Sometimes wished we had been issued the utilities that the other Branches got, but in the end it did not matter. Once I got to my squadron, I wore coveralls and a foul weather jacket for the most from there on, unless we needed to be in uniform for quarters or what not. I'm not sure if I have seen a set of dungarees at a surplus store in the recent past? Then again, there are not too many surplus shops that are actually "surplus" shops around here anymore. Mark
  5. Back in the days when I still drank, God knows I chugged my share of San Miguel. Granted, it was the "import version" San Miguel that could be bought in So. Cal., but it was still some good beer LOL. Mark
  6. Hello Here is a San Miguel Beer Coaster that I picked up whilst in the Navy. This beer is popular in the P.I., and my Girlfriend at the time was 1st generation Filipino-American and her Uncles got me started drinking this beer. Too bad that I never got to go to the P.I., but thought this little item might bring back some memories for those of you who have. Thanks Mark
  7. TomcatPC

    USN PT Kit

    Here are the shorts from the late 1980s, that are missing from the photo in the first post in this topic. Thanks Mark
  8. Hello Here is a USN Blue Utility Jacket from the late 1980s. Once again, yes, this was issued to me at Great Lakes, Il. in June 1989. Thanks Mark
  9. Hello Here is a set of USN Dungarees from the late 1980s. This is one of my sets that I was issued in June 1989 at Great Lakes, Il. Thanks Mark
  10. Private Purchased item?, my guess (and it is a guess) would be WWII Era? Hope that might help out a tiny bit. Mark
  11. Foliage Green?...is this like a lighter green, sort of like "Sage Green" on some flight suits? I think I know what you are talking about, but can't describe it. Mark
  12. Hello On page 17 of the The Bluejackets' Manual of 1940, the term "Clews" is used. This page covers laying the Hammock on the deck for inspection, "Throw the clews over the mattress and coil the lashing in the center". I tried to do some online digging and found very little on the terms used with a US Navy Hammock. The little info. I did find were based on Royal Navy Hammocks...so take it with a grain of salt, but I can't see that the terms are that different, but I could be wrong. The impression that I got is that the term "Clews" referred to the whole assembly of the steel rin
  13. I'd love top find a set of chocks too LOL. Both WWII and the sort we used on shore in the 1980s and 1990s LOL. I have seen recent (as in Post-Vietnam) flight deck cranials once or twice whilst one of the few times I check out Ebay. But, either these people thought they were made of pure silver or they did not have a Brown one for us PCs. I tend to stay away from Ebay for the most part, I don't do auctions, but one of these days when I actually have some cash to spare I might check again for a "Buy it Now" deal, if I can find one. That will be quite some time though LOL. I'd love to
  14. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, or what ever, but I just have not seen much USN Flight Deck Kit lurking about anywhere. I wonder if anyone has a WWII Flight Deck Jersey stashed away that has been forgotten? This sounds crazy I know, but I'd love to find a tie-down chain one of these days LOL. Anyway, thanks again for this topic, I appreciate it. Mark
  15. I have heard the term Nettles before as well. I have a 1940 Blue Jackets Manual that I will look at later to see if it has any more information on hammock details. Thanks for the link to the other topic on hammocks, I think I saw that topic before? It looks like I was in the right direction with the rope I used to secure the hammock to the "suspension system" (I'll use that term until I find the correct term). That was the only thicker "natural" type line/rope I had lurking about, so I got lucky. How difficult would it be to actually find the correct item?...my gut tells me that the odd
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