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  1. Here is my grandfathers document regarding a receiving ship.
  2. I was just thinking the same thing. I got my Grandfathers records from the archives last week and it said he was on the receiving ship USS Bridge then the USS McDougal. I wonder is if the receiving ships took the new seaman to the ships if they were already at sea? I really have no idea. I'm just guessing.
  3. I thought it was interesting also. Everything I have seen says patrol clasp also.
  4. I just received his records from the archives. According to the Navy he should have worn a Destroyer Clasp.
  5. They sent me a notice saying they located them and for $60 I can have them. Im waiting to see if they can find another grandfathers records as well.
  6. I guess they charge you for certain records? After reading these forums it seems like they charge you from time to time.
  7. Here is my great grandfathers navy certificate. He was on the USS McDougal. Im guessing he had a the victory medal hanging from it. I am in the process of getting his records from the archives. It took me a few times before they found them. It also is costing me $60.
  8. That is the old rank of Master Sergeant.
  9. My BMT shirt. Yes it's cartoonish.
  10. Myself - USAF vet Supply Brother - USAF Security Forces Minot AFB Brother - USAF Comm. Los Angeles AFB Grandpa Army 767th FA battalion Great Grandpa - Navy USS. McDougal WWI Great Grandpa - Army 214th POW escort WWI Wife side Father in law - Army MP Korea 70's Grandpa - Army 8th ID 28th Infantry Reg. WW2 Grandpa - Navy WW2
  11. Here is something he brought back from the Lincoln Steffens
  12. I know they got over there pretty late in the war. He told me they didn't see any action. I have all of his roster paperwork and stuff. I'm going to be buiding his Ike jacket so I'm trying to figure out what patches he would be wearing. Army patch on the left and corps on the right?
  13. I ment to put this in the Misc section. Sorry! Mods can move.
  14. So my grandpa was in the 767th field artillery battalion HQ battery. What the heck is a HQ battery? I guess he wasnt attached to a infantry division. He gave me his patches years ago and they are all corps and army ssi. He tried explaining it to me but i didnt understand.
  15. Try contacting them again. They just replied to me my email today.
  16. I sent them a question on the June 8th and haven't heard back from them
  17. I think this is one of the best looking medals ever made. I just picked up 2 in the last week.
  18. Great pics! Now I have an idea what my Grandfather wore.
  19. I believe it!. They have pinched me a few times.
  20. These are my Grandfathers ribbons. What kind of backings are these? I'm surprised I haven't found them on this site.
  21. I'll keep trying. He was in the Navy so his records were not destroyed in the fire. I even found his SSN# and they couldn't find it. I have his Navy war certificate with some numbers but I'm not sure if any of those are his service number.
  22. I don't know squat about medals so I 'wasn't sure. I tried to get some info on him from the archives but I received a letter today that they can't find any info on him. Oh well. Thanks for your help!
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