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  1. 1200 is the max I can do. I also don't see pict/pct file anywhere.
  2. I have this picture of my Great Grandfather. I'm trying to find out what is on his collar disc. I can tell there are 2 crossed rifles and looks like possibly a letter under them and maybe even something above them. But when I zoom in its too blurry. I have scanned it in 1200 dpi and changed to a tif file. Is there some program out there that can zoom in clear? Or is the picture too old?
  3. Nice jacket! I wish I could find stuff like that at random.
  4. Grandfather out with friends and relaxing on the train home from my Great Uncles wedding who got married on Dec 6, 1941.
  5. Here are some pics of my Grandfather 767th FA Bn and my Great Uncle 79th ID 304th Med Bn. They met up in France/Germany. Anybody know what kind of tracked vehicle that is in the back ground?
  6. Someone must have wanted to jazz it up cause the picture also looks pasted on. Either way it's still very neat. No luck researching him yet. I want to say about 4 months ago I sent in a request for him and my other great grandfather. A few weeks ago I received my other grandfathers records but have heard anything about this one yet. Two weeks ago I actually sent in another request because I think I found his service number. The archives sure take a long time. I just hope they will find something this time.
  7. You know after looking at it again I bet a family member added the border at a later date.
  8. This my Great Grandfather who I am having a very hard time researching. I got this from my dad's cousin. I think it's pretty neat. But don't you think the border looks wrong? If this card was made in 1925 when he died why would there be WW2 looking equipment? What do you think?
  9. erctut1


    Thanks! I'll have to run to office max tomorrow and see if they have them.
  10. erctut1


    So my wife is a teacher and we had some acid free plastic sleeves laying around but all my papers are 8x13. They make them that big?
  11. erctut1


    I think I'll remove the paper from the book and preserve them. I'd much rather do that than have them slowly be destroyed over time.
  12. erctut1


    My biggest problem is should I take them out of his scrap book and preserve them or leave them be the way they are? I'm pretty sure I'm going to take them out and put them In plastic sleeves. That's alot better than leaving them be and fall apart over time right?
  13. erctut1


    The problem is that this book is small so the pages had to be folded to fit within the pages. If I do take them out I'm probably going to have to put them in a binder. They make acid free plastic sleeves? I didn't know that. THanks.
  14. erctut1


    I need some advice. I have his scrapbook that was probably put together right after the war. Its a nice book with pictures and stuff. There are a bunch of Rosters, promotion orders and a few other things. They are taped to the pages and folded up. They are torn in the folds and are just falling apart. Should I take them out and put them in some clear sleeves or make some copies for me and leave the rest in the book as is? I'm torn. I want to leave them as is but at the same time also don't want them to get damaged any more.
  15. He is a missile cop. I'll have to ask him if he modded it. Thanks.
  16. I was up at Minot AFB last weekend and he gave me this since he didn't need it anymore. I'm not familiar with field gear so I was hoping you could tell me what this is. I'm not sure if that's where the holster goes I just stuck it on there. Thanks for your help! Eric
  17. That's why I put "one of the most".
  18. Probably because Security Forces is one of the most manned career field.
  19. What would his rank have looked like? I cant find anything in his files about his job. Thanks for your help.
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