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  1. I just put this together in honor of my Grandfather. He served from March 24, 1941 - November 9, 1945. He served in the 18th Coast Artillery and the 767th Field Artillery. He went overseas February 27, 1945 and returned August 6, 1945 just a few weeks shy of 6 months. I think it's odd that he was in before the war started but went overseas so late. I'm sure he wasn't complaining though! I put the jacket together a few months ago using all period pieces. I was using period thread for the patches but last week I re-sewed using current thread. Hope you like it! Eric
  2. Use what info you have. Having his service number will help you.
  3. Did you fill out this form and send it in? It will take a few weeks to get back but I bet they will have his records for you.
  4. Use this form. Navy records are easy to get. http://www.archives.gov/research/order/standard-form-180.pdf
  5. BMTS- basic military training school Flight is the same as a platoon
  6. Take it to the dry cleaners. They made one of mine look like brand new.
  7. I got this from my father in law. It's a painting of his Grandfather Jerry Fanelle. Looks like he was in the cavalry. I'm not sure what the ribbons are? Could they just be fictitious to dress up the painting? Either way it's a nice picture to research. Eric
  8. Looks great! Nice job!
  9. The person selling that is a forum member. It looks good to me.
  10. I wouldn't worry. My Grandfathers rack is the same way. Some are in plastic and look new and some look faded.
  11. Thanks. I wanted them to stand out and I think I accomplished that. I did the same with the chevrons but I think I over did it and will probably redo them.
  12. I saw the comercial lastnight. It looks good!
  13. I just got this from the father in law. It went from the sinking of he Maine to the end of WWI in 10 minutes. It's pretty bad. I'm not even going to bother watching the rest. Good thing I didn't pay for it.
  14. That's my favorite part as well. Great movie!
  15. Grandfathers stuff of course. The Ike is a put together. But the ribbons and SSI are his.
  16. Thanks guys for all the input. I'm going to go ahead and stitch these on tonight.
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