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    I am obsessed with trying to find information on my Great Grandfather Joseph Shepler 4247805. Not a day goes by that I am not looking for info on him.
  1. erctut1

    45th ID

    The gentleman deleted his posted after i posted the think to this thread. He still thinks it's correct.
  2. erctut1

    45th ID

    Thank you. I thought it was fairly obvious as well.
  3. erctut1

    45th ID

    Hello. Is this patch right on a WWII/post WWII uniform? I say its wrong because of the merrowed edge. It just looks too new to me but i am far from an expert. Others say its correct. What do you think?
  4. Probably 802nd Pioneer Infantry Regiment.
  5. Has to be the Russians. If you were captured you were sure to die an un pleasant death.
  6. If any of you have seen my annoying posts (sorry btw) in the research section regarding my Great Grandfather you would know how obsessed I am with finding stuff related to his unit. A friend notified me about this yard long on eBay. It just happened to be my Great Grandfathers Regiment and Company! Unfortunately the picture was taken 8-9 days before my Great Grandfather got there. I still had to have it. I feel very lucky to have found it. Best part is it has been in a frame for years and is in great shape!
  7. Based on my research most of the Regiment was sent the 2nd Depot Division and used and Infantry replacements. I'm guessing for occupation duty after the war ended. C Company was mostly made up of draftees from Chicago called up in late September. A lot of men from the Company were used as Prisoner of War Escorts. This unit is very near and dear to me.
  8. My Great Grandfather was in he 4th Pioneer infantanty!
  9. Not a fan of CNN but pretty cool find. I know it's RAF but made in the USA. http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/11/world/britis....html?hpt=hp_c2
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