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  1. Actually the top photo is a static line snap hook and static line for a T10 parachute I believe, not a lowering line.
  2. I pulled my parkas out this evening and took a few photos. The first photos show the parkas stuffed into their chest pocket (inside the parka left hand side and zippered). Can be used to stow small items or used as a built in stuff sack. The green parka is the RAVEN and the black is the Adventure Tech. They weigh the same; 1lb 6 oz and measure approx 7" x 8". Significantly smaller and lighter than the ECWCCS parka. The next photos show the details of the RAVEN parka The parka has the standard tab to place rank, no underarm zippers and has a small strap with velcro to secure the hood. BTW the TACSOP standard dictated that we had to wear the hood tucked in the back of the parka. We were not allowed to wear the hood or roll it and secure it with the strap. We did not attach name tags or any other insignia on our parkas. The next photos show the Adventure Tech Parka. This parka has the black lining and the exposed snaps on the pockets and wind flap. Essentially the same features as the RAVEN. This goretex rain gear was considered state of the art when it was fielded in the 1980s esp when you consider most conventional troops were lucky to be issued the "gumby" rain parka. Although we were also issued the ECWCCS parka and trousers, I never wore those. They were for very cold (arctic) conditions. They were heavy and very large, so not pragmatic given the heavy loads we humped.
  3. This May be useful. I served in 2/75 at Fort Lewis from 88-91 (including the jump onto Rio Hato). We were issued a lightweight goretex rain suit consisting of woodland trousers and parka as part of our special issue. We wore the woodland pattern rain suit even though we were still wearing the OD jungle fatigues until 1989 . If I remember correctly, most of the rain suits were Brigade Quartermasters tagged. They were much lighter and more compact than the standard issue ECWCS. One of the most desirable items we were issued. They stuffed into an internal pocket and them were stored in the outer pocket of the large rucksack (a woodland poncho was stored in the center outer pocket of the ruck. We were also issued a pair of matching woodland camo goretex gaiters although I don't ever remember wearing those. I kept a parka I found on one of the drop zones after a jump one evening (no name on it) when I departed Bn and carried/wore it when I served in the 125th MI Bn LRSD from 91-93. I carried that parka until I returned to serve in the 75th Regt HQs 98-99 and DXd it for a new parka that was manufactured by RAVEN Industries of Sioux Falls. I still have the RAVEN parka in one of my kit bags. I also have a similar parka that was issued by 1st SF Group at the same time I was at Fort Lewis with 2/75. This parka was manufactured by Adventure Tech of Spokane, Wa. A friend of mine gave it to me in a trade for a bayonet from Panama. The primary differences between the two parkas is that the Adventure Tech used a slightly stiffer goretex material for the shell, had a black lining and had exposed black painted snaps for the pockets and zipper covers. I still have this parka also. I liked the design/style of the lightweight parka and during my first deployment to Afghanistan carried a lightweight parka of the same design that was DCU reversible to the old desert night camo pattern. It served me well and I still have it. These rain suits were a great alternative to the old gumby suits (OD green wet weather parka and trousers) although they were not intended to replace the regular ECWCS for extreme cold weather conditions. Sorry for the length of this post.
  4. They look like the scabbards that many of the CMP "Greek return" bayonets came with. Two of the 16 inch scabbards I purchased also featured the metal tips. I don't believe the US ever modified their scabbards in this manner.
  5. Very little left, but persistence pays off.........
  6. I actually saw you at the store. I was visiting down town Tampa and was in the store. I bought a bag for a .30 cal spare barrel for 12.95 and a partially filled WW2 bottle of insect repellent for .50. I was the dude who looked at the hats on the counter just before you purchased them. Small world.
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