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  1. 129th Infantry Regiment, 37th Infantry Division Illinois National Guard
  2. Your top crest is the Quartermaster RTC (WW II) the bottom crest is the national guard for Montana.
  3. This the crest for the 672nd Engineer Company
  4. A Co, 299th Engineer Battalion was assigned to the 14th Cavalry. He's probably wearing the soft tab color insignia authorized for wear . The cloth was worn in the cuff of the garrison cap. Not having a better picture only makes this speculation looking at the B/W photo. The picture attached is for wear as a shoulder loop. The cloth for the Cav (or 4th Infantry Regt) would be a longer ribbon.
  5. a much more lighter blue, "infantry blue" would be indicative of the 74th Infantry Brigade, 37th Infantry Division; where, this one is mostly likely the tank company.
  6. This is a version for 591st Engineer Regiment, Boat & Shore, 2759th Combat Engineers Here's a resource: http://www.lonesentry.com/S9/
  7. Not very common. They had right and left facing crests. Issued to CI Corps at Ft Holabird MD and some dets in New York. Bith pin back and clutch back versions exist.
  8. Most probably the 131st Tank Battalion, Alabama NG. 131st Cavalry Regiment ("Southern Leaders" was the motto then) AL ARNG 1913); became a Tank Battalion roughly 1951 (Motto: "Taught to Lead"). 1st Squadron AL ARNG, Armored Recon Squadron, 149th Armored Bde 35th ID(M) Ozark, AL
  9. First crest is a facsimile of the 331st Tank Battalion, probably Aresta. The third is an Aresta of 534th Tank Battalion
  10. It's a golf club pin. Jay Massaro had one in his collected that is displayed at Camp Mabry at the Texas Military museum. See picture attached from his collection
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