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  1. I just received my book today and can tell that it is worth every dollar spent. I am excited to have my copy, and it appears to be a very well researched book that any serious collector should have in their references collection. Thanks for a great product!
  2. Awesome bring backs, thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks again for all the input. I'm using the following book to help try to narrow down a name provided it isn't an inspector's name as suggested: http://cgsc.cdmhost.com/cdm/ref/collection/p4013coll8/id/3625 SM was a corporal, and was likely with the unit through the war (combat patch of 66th is on right shoulder, 5th Army on left) but I can't necessarily only search by rank and then compare by name because any printed rank may be before any promotion.
  4. Thanks for the input so far. I keep getting hung up though where the two "oo's" are on "wool". If you look close there is a horizontal marking that makes it look like a "t".
  5. Hello, I'm looking for forum assistance in attempting to 100% accurately identify the name listed on this tag. I have a unit roster and should be able to identify the jacket with no issues, provided the name is correct. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I will update this with new details if/when identified. Thanks in advance!
  6. Here's a couple photos of my grandfather's jacket from his tour to Japan in the early 50's. He was Army, used a USN jacket, painted LT bars on the shoulders (wasn't an LT) and had the Asian woman painted on the back. It makes for quite an interesting piece. I paint brushed a couple of spots on the painting to be forum friendly.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. I collect 66th Infantry Division items too, and my grandfather was also a member of the 66th's 264th INF Regiment during WW2. He was one of 5,000 Black Panthers who after training in the U.S., was transferred to another Infantry Division as a replacement. There is a group called the Panther's Veteran's Organization (www.66thinfantrydivision.org) which is still around, but membership is dwindling. There were originally 40,000 members of the 66th. Below (Combined Arms Research Digital Library, previous Armor School Ft. Knox, KY) is a great resource for referencing unit
  8. Right... and also why would someone in the ranks of Lieutenant through Major have WO insignia on the uniform in the first place? It's mostly the WO insignia that is throwing me for a loop. Thanks for your input.
  9. Nice! I've heard that they have moved the jamboree to a new venue? Any truth to it that you are aware of?
  10. I'm glad this post brought some good memories for you. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my items!
  11. Cool to hear from someone else who was there. I will never forget the day President Bush was set to attend. There were literally dozens upon dozens of kids and adults dropping like flies due to the extreme heat, which kept us busy. Ambulances and helicopters taking people away non stop. I almost became a heat casualty myself, but not from a shortage of water. I didn't have enough electrolytes etc. I also remember the lightning strike tragedy. I have attached a couple of up close pics of the challenge coin. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Hello: I was performing Military Police patrol duties in support of the National Boy Scout Jamboree in 2005 at Fort A.P. Hill, VA. At that time we still wore BDU's and part of our official attire was the military scouting patch shown in the picture. This patch badge was worn from our breast pocket button so everyone could see it in addition to our normal military police gear. I had offers from many people wanting to trade patches for this one since it was extremely limited, but I never budged and kept it. At the end of our time performing duties, we received Jamboree Army Challenge coins from
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