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  1. I just got a nice grouping from a Marine pilot KIA on 15 Oct. 1942 that flew an SBD with VMSB-141.
  2. How in the world could Hostiles have cost $69,000,000 to make?
  3. The western vistas alone were worth the price of admission. Fortunately, it was also a very good film.
  4. We just installed a new permanent exhibit on the Global War on Terror, and your book was quite useful in getting the correct patches put in place. Now for a book on the uniforms and field gear used.....hint!
  5. We purchased this as a reference work for the military museum I work at, and honestly it's been a very valued part of our library. I won't go on and on about how great a book it is, but suffice to say I'll just echo the other positive reviews I've read here.
  6. Good movie. And I don't mean this as a negative, but it was made as an afterthought by Eastwood. In many ways it is a superior film to Flags of our Fathers.
  7. Saw it. Liked it. Don't go looking for authenticity, but if you can take off the collector/historian hat then imho you'll enjoy it. It ain't Shakespeare...but it ain't bad!
  8. Think "Capt. Miller" in Saving Private Ryan. He had one.
  9. M-1934 Water repellent coat. Short lived. We have an example at the museum I work at. Not a commonly found item.
  10. And our museum has half a dozen. And this was donated by the veteran that wore it....it is impeccably provenanced.
  11. North Africa,135th Inf. Regt. 35th Division. Helmets with neck flaps being worn in the field.
  12. There are some photos taken of 34th guys wearing these modified helmets in North Africa. I'll try to locate some and post.
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