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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I've seen one other one go for a touch over $300 during the season but normally they bring in between $175-250 with them being more during the season (late June-late September). Not sure why this one had such a large gathering.
  2. While I share in your sediment that the P-3 is hardly obsolete I wouldn't go as far as thinking the Navy is skeptical of P-8. I have my own worries when it comes to P-8 they're far from being serious enough to lose sleep over or the Navy not to continue buying the Boeing P-8. MAD is far from being the primary ASW localization sensor...maybe during the Cold War but not in the last decade. IFT's have been officially cut and the test bed for keeping them is done. Many fleet IFT's still plead their case but it's on deaf eyes as CPRG as decided to go through other avenues. Really, shouldn't be shocking as in today's electronic era most fault isolation is done by the devices themselves and if its serious enough to need a tech then its something that you won't be able to change or fix in flight. VP-16 will deploy later this year and be the first squadron to deploy with P-8 and VP-5 is currently following suit and will deploy sometime in the middle of next year.
  3. Thanks for sharing the photos Gil! I grew up in the greater KC area and went to Liberty memorial for a couple field trips. As a student, I didn't get the same meaning of what I would today. As an active duty military member and someone who takes great pride in the way our countries history was formed, I wish I would have taken advantage of the those opportunities. I plan on visiting KC in early January and need to plan a trip out there to see it. Sad to hear that the Navy section isn't very large but wouldn't expect it to be very large for WWI or being in the Midwest. Again, thanks for posting the pictures to spike our interests and add to a couple bucket lists.
  4. Thanks brother, I've been combing Ebay doing the same. I've only seen two posted in the last year with one going for $300+ and then this one for $204 so those are the only two I've seen to get a good baseline. I'm right with you about being outbid which is why I wish I could have been online when I was outbid. I'll continue on my quest and please keep me in mind if you see any online elsewhere.
  5. Thank you, yes I was watching it on Ebay this week as well and would have paid that amount despite being in a meeting when the auction ended so instead I got the big outbid.
  6. Does anyone have an 1893 CPO Cap device they're willing to part with? Endlessly trying to get my hands on one and seems like they only go on Ebay once in a great while.
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