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  1. Can anyone ID this helmet and when it was likely used? I could not find any markings on the helmet, but found some on the accompanying oxygen mask.....MS-22001 with connector type MC-3 and Navy S/N R83MS-22016 on the connector. Thanks
  2. I would like some help with this sleeve insignia from a 1950s Army jacket. I am curious about the quill under the eagle's claw and what it represents. Thanks.
  3. ok. Hate to be a moron but is "A. 12 43" a class of ship, plane, or the class he graduated from?
  4. I found some inscriptions on the USN pilot hat I posted earlier (http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/279948-leather-aviator-hat-naf1092-71/). The names look like "R.C. Crenshaw" and "J.R. Caufield". Next to Caufield is "12. A 43" and wonder what that means. THanks.
  5. I bought this cap at an antiques shop and wonder if it is WW2 era. The tag on the inside says NAF 1092-71 Contract No. N156 S-18359. Any info would be appreciated.
  6. I got this at an auction yesterday because I thought it looked interesting. Seems to be a mock up used for training airplane machine gunners on a contraption called the "Mark 2" made by the Vitarama Corp. in 1942. Has anybody come across these parts before?
  7. Many for the helmet info! The bag it came with had the name "Lawrence Newton". Based on the helmet, what other key words could I use to find out any more info on the owner, e.g. pilot, Army, helicopter, etc.
  8. For reference purposes and anyone interested, I found this description: "Early APH-5 Quartermaster helmet made by Gentex in July 1961. It has the same thick foamrubber edgeroll as the US Navy APH-5. The visor housing is made of glassfibre with metal edges along the visor lock knob track. The headset is an H-75C/AIC, the latest version of the H-75 series also used in USAF P-4 and P-4A helmets. The micro- phone is an M-33/AIC or M-33A/AIC banana boom mike. This helmet was white originally but was painted olive drab as a field modification." My helmet is the original white and has the M-3
  9. More photos. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so its an APH-5, made in 1964? That gives me a start to do a GOOGLE SEARCH.
  10. I got this helmet a few hrs ago at a local auction and wonder if it is Vietnam era, A fellow at the auction said it was not, It came w/ a bag w/ the name of Lawrence Newton written on it with a marker. Any info on this helmet will be most appreciated.
  11. That was fast responses! Thanks very much.
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