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  1. To be honest other than the feeding issue the weapon was comfortable to shoot and seemed very accurate. I am sure someone could work out the trouble with the feeding....... The gun has a mixture of blued and parkerized parts......and appears to have been through an arsenal rebuild at some point in time. But a very clever piece of equipment.
  2. I can tell you from my experience that when firing this weapon each of the three magazines malfunctioned causeing many hang ups with feeding. Could maybe get 2-4 shots off before a jam.......overall a well made firearm but would not want my life depending on this one in a combat situation!!!
  3. A very interesting WWII firearm I recently had a chance to study and shoot......
  4. Sold this one a few months ago......
  5. Thought you all might enjoy seeing this one as they are not commonly found......enjoy!
  6. After taking this one out and firing nearly 100 rounds of factory ammo through three different magazines I decided to pass on the Reising. Although it was fairly accurate, I had nothing but issues with all three mags-------typically got off 2-3 rounds before a feeding issue which to me is a no go. Maybe new mags with fresh springs would fix the problem, but I'll let someone else play with this one. Was cool to get a chance to handle/disassemble and fire this one though......as I may not come across another.
  7. Just took a bunch of new photos.....that hopefully show better detail
  8. I think the $2,500 asking price is OK for this one with the minor issues it has and the mix of blue/parkerized parts. It quite possibly could bring more at auction due to the fact the Model 60's have become more sought after by collectors recently. I may take this one out and throw some lead down the pipe this weekend just to give it a go.
  9. The serial number on the one I am discussing is 846 so it's an early one if you consider just over 3,200 were produced. One observation I have made in considering whether or not to purchase this gun is that the barrel/receiver are parkerized and the balance of the parts are blued. But they are all Reising parts there is no doubt. There is also a hairline crack in the bottom of the stock, not a big issue......and certainly repairable. The bolt shows minor surface issues most likely from shooting military corrosive .45 ammo at some point and not being cleaned right away.....but the bore is excellent with good rifling and shine. The asking price for this one is $2,500 and there is one listed on GunBroker at this moment that has bids up to just over $3,000 currently with time left on the auction.
  10. A local freind of mine let me take this one home and I did a complete take-down and clean up and it's quite the interesting design. Appariently the H&R Model 60 Semi-Auto was an attempt at competition for the Thompson....and I can tell you it's MUCH lighter in weight than the Thompson. I am considering buying this piece from my buddy.....but the prices have really gone up on these as they have on all of the WWII production firearms. Notes: "The caliber .45 ACP REISING Model 60 semi-automatic subcarbine was designed by Eugene G. Reising in the early 1940's. This weapon was manufactured by the Harrington & Richardson Arms Company in Worcester, Massachusetts and was developed primarily for police use. The REISING Model 60 semi-automatic subcarbine is identical in all respects to the REISING Model 50 submachine gun, except it has an eighteen-inch barrel and its mechanism only permits semi-automatic fire. Two variations of rear sights will be found on the Model 60. The first is like than on the Model 50. The second type is an improved aperture adjustable from 50 to 300 yards. Usually, a 12-round magazine is used with the Model 60, although a 20-round box type can also be used. A few very early production models can be found with cooling rings on the barrel, similar to those on the barrel of the M1921 THOMPSON Submachine Gun. Later models of the M60 had smooth barrels. All REISING-developed weapons of this type have a retarded blowback action which fire from the closed-bolt position." - Thomas B. Nelson. Enjoy!
  11. Had a Johnson M1941 in the vault and sold it last year for $4,800.......would have kept it if it had been issued to the US Troops, but this one had not been as most were not. Very interesting design to say the least! Never shot mine. I have a freind locally who owns an original Johnson Machine Gun......what an awesome piece! Here are a few photos of the M1941 that I had....
  12. My father-in-law just passed away at 96 years old.....he was 11th Airborne in the Pacific.....YES, that's the real deal!
  13. A few photos of some "Spruce Soldiers" and one of the LLLL (Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen pin
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