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  1. I've seen some pictures of Marines on the PI rifle range wearing these '07 pattern belts.
  2. I too wonder why these go so high when WW2 era hbt trousers sell for less in the same condition... ???
  3. Could be camo paint. I've seen a couple of helmets camo'd with a bright green paint.
  4. I have looked at quite a few RPPCs of Marines and have seen that in the AEF, the 5th and 6th Regiments used company numbers while the 11th and 13th used Regimental numbers on their headgear, both overseas caps and campaign hats. Stateside, Marines appear to have worn company numbers. Don't know about overseas outside of the AEF, but imagine they used company numbers also. I have one grouping that has a forest green "field made" overseas cap with 6th Company numeral. I believe he was a clerk at Quantico. There are some other caps with numerals in my collection. I'll have to do some digging to find them. Everything is boxed up!
  5. ?? .. weird, but perhaps they thought they were bidding on the whole album and not just the picture. Wouldn't be the first time someone didn't read all the way through.
  6. Cool helmet. I had one named to AM Weber. Was told that the AM meant Arbeitsmann which meant that he was in the RAD in Luftwaffe service.
  7. Wow, that is pretty cool to have that much background on the helmet.
  8. Gosh, didn't look close enough when I pulled the trigger. Glad it wasn't much! Thanks for the help!
  9. Just got this. New to me, but then again I've not really dived into patches a whole lot. I believe it is a legit WW2 Para patch variation. The border is either black or dark navy. Backing is white, but quite dirty. Is it Aussie, New Zealand made? Any one have any info on this style?
  10. Looking around, I see that there is alot of variation to these Swing caps. Can't find anything about value on them though. What would one of this style go for these days? Appreciate any help.
  11. Did a little on line research when I was able. Didn't know about these. They are outside my area. Appear to be specific to the Japanese occupation era post WW2 and the basically "outlawed in '47. I think I may have another variant that I thought was a USMC field made cover. What do these caps go for in the community these days?
  12. This brings up a question for me. Is this something that would have ended up being used by a Marine? From what I can see just using a quick search of the forum etc., that most appear to have been associated with Airborne units in Japan.
  13. Thanks for the info on the Marine. I looked through some rosters, but came up with nothing. Hoping he still has some of the other items from the grouping that would give a full name and some history behind it.
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