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  1. Thank you, appreciate the offer. Like I stated before, there are SEVERAL different "pinned" threads about posting pics. Started reading done through a couple, they all seem to have different ways to get to the same outcome, posting a pic. I can probably figure it out, if, I knew which thread was the best one to go with, any help on the best tutorial? I may take you up on that offer if I get TOO frustrated, thanks again.Jack.
  2. I know this is going to sound repetitive, but, I have been going down the threads on posting and I am totally confused. Yes you can use photobucket, no you can't, yes you can, this size, that size and the tutorial of posting from an I phone looks to me like it will take an hour to post one pic. I am NOT that computer savy by any means, and just throw the i phone thing out the window, heck I need a manual just to try and get to the e-mail function of a phone! I have posted pics from photobucket to dozens of other sites, that I know how to do. But, if this site dosen't support that, that's fine.
  3. Aquired these many years ago. Signatures of Alpheus Starkey Williams, Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, Henry Warner Slocum and Joseph Hooker. They are all "cut out" signatures from a document or/letter, unfortunatly not the complete document, with the handwritten indication of rank included. A couple of them seem to be from discharge paper as on the reverse side is partial words like furlough, etc. I know it is dificult to authenticate signatures, but any ideas on value? Or location of examples of authenticated signitures. Any help greatly appreciated, Thanks, Jack.
  4. "Lieutenant Dan, ice cream...................Lieutenant Dan....................." sorry, me too, Jack
  5. Just curious, IF this was a ligit item, is the current price out of line? Like stated before, you could get them for 5 bucks. Been out of the loop for a while and have been amazed at what some prices some items are fetching, just curious, Jack.
  6. Either, swagger stick seems the opinion, Jack
  7. Great stuff, and some is absoluely un-findable! Is that a word? Jack
  8. Cograts and good luck! Hope you do well.Looks great! Jack.
  9. It is sad that such an award was literally just tossed away. Glad you were able to rescue it! Jack
  10. Wikipedia has a listing of defunct Military Acadamies in the United States, big list, but may be a place to start if no one comes up with it! JMHO, Jack.
  11. Cool, great find. 112th stuff turns me on, being from Pa. Grandfather was in Co D 112th, WWI
  12. Nice collection! Have a couple my self but I don't really see them that often compared to the lapel pins and button hole pieces.
  13. The Military purchased many different makes and models of shot guns, right "off the rack" for training purposes during WWII. Skeet and trap shooting was/is an excellant way to teach some one, aerial gunners, the basics of how to "lead" a target. Jack.
  14. I would say a "true" Military '97 "would" be a Cyl bore, but, in my opinion not necessarily "flaming bomb" marked. Some did slip through, but most were during WWII. I have seen many shotguns, marked and unmarked, that were definetley used by the military during WWII. Due to the "shortage" of weapons at the beginning of the war, the gov't "bought" many guns "off the rack" for training purposes, Ithica Mo 37's, Win Mo 12's, etc. etc. Jack.
  15. Did you know with what unit? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, the thinker ain't as good as it use to be, one of the units I'm thinking of was either the 31st. or 33rd. Inf. Div., AEF Sberia, 1919-1920. Jack.
  16. Ok, I'm bad, missed the Mod bore! I do have a legitimate 97 Trench gun, not marked with the bomb. It is documented as having come from a local sheriff's dept. They received it from the Gov't through some type of puchase program in the 40's. Anybody out there aware of any thing like this? Jack
  17. Looks to be in "riot gun" configuration. The lettering, from this view looks to be too "sharp" to be a reblue. I don't know how much a Winchester letter is these days, but if you call the Cody museum in Cody WY, they can tell you, and may even be able to give you some info over the phone, Jack.
  18. Top one also most reminds me of the shoulder stock/barrel kit that was semi popular in the 60's for the 1911. Came with a new main spring housing that was grouved for the shoulder stock and a 16" barrel. The shoulder stocked as a tag right on it saying it is illegal without the 16" barrel. Not sure if the 20 round clip came with it. Yes, I do have one.Jack.
  19. At one time Unetrl's were made just down the road from me in Mars, Pa. Not sure if they were there when yours was made. Beautiful Piece, Looks like the real deal to me, Jack.
  20. Sorry, but "small" does not describe it! Great stuff. The MOH's are just spectacular!< Jack
  21. Absolutley beatiful!!!! Great that you have the room to do it. Most of my "stuff" is in the closets, attic, barn and a few other buildings, Jack
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