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  1. Aquired these many years ago. Signatures of Alpheus Starkey Williams, Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, Henry Warner Slocum and Joseph Hooker. They are all "cut out" signatures from a document or/letter, unfortunatly not the complete document, with the handwritten indication of rank included. A couple of them seem to be from discharge paper as on the reverse side is partial words like furlough, etc. I know it is dificult to authenticate signatures, but any ideas on value? Or location of examples of authenticated signitures. Any help greatly appreciated, Thanks, Jack.
  2. "Lieutenant Dan, ice cream...................Lieutenant Dan....................." sorry, me too, Jack
  3. Just curious, IF this was a ligit item, is the current price out of line? Like stated before, you could get them for 5 bucks. Been out of the loop for a while and have been amazed at what some prices some items are fetching, just curious, Jack.
  4. Either, swagger stick seems the opinion, Jack
  5. Great stuff, and some is absoluely un-findable! Is that a word? Jack
  6. Cograts and good luck! Hope you do well.Looks great! Jack.
  7. It is sad that such an award was literally just tossed away. Glad you were able to rescue it! Jack
  8. Wikipedia has a listing of defunct Military Acadamies in the United States, big list, but may be a place to start if no one comes up with it! JMHO, Jack.
  9. Cool, great find. 112th stuff turns me on, being from Pa. Grandfather was in Co D 112th, WWI
  10. Nice collection! Have a couple my self but I don't really see them that often compared to the lapel pins and button hole pieces.
  11. The Military purchased many different makes and models of shot guns, right "off the rack" for training purposes during WWII. Skeet and trap shooting was/is an excellant way to teach some one, aerial gunners, the basics of how to "lead" a target. Jack.
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