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  1. To find something that was actually his, I know is a one in a million shot, so I'm not counting on it. A photo of his company would be awesome if it exists. Were the Southern units issued the same uniforms that were given to units from the North?
  2. Thanks for the info. I would be very interested in any photos. The loyal Southern units did have it rough. Clark Patterson joined up in Somerset, KY. He joined after his son Ghastin was captured by Confederate forces and starved to death while being held prisoner. Ghastin was in Co. C of the 2nd Infantry. I didn't know if there were things like buttons or badges. So, I guess they wore standard Union accoutrements?
  3. I have been collecting military items related to my family's service and I think I am about ready to look towards the Civil War. I am absolutely ignorant in regards to Civil War artifacts. My 3x Great Grandfather was in the Union 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company H. Is there anything out there that would be marked as belonging to this particular unit?
  4. I wish I had a personal shopper to go in my place. Half of the fun for me is the thrill of discovery. Maybe next year..
  5. I'm Vice President of the Hiwassee Chapter of the SAR here in Tennessee. I highly recommend joining.
  6. Will you have any 60's era Naval Aviation patches? I am looking for three squadron patches and I am trying to decide if I should take a day off work and drive for 5 hours to get to the show.
  7. I don't really regret that I don't have them. I have a goal in mind for my Navy patch project and those weren't part of it. I came across them at some point and I used them to get something else. I have done the same thing with guitars and guns over the years. I feed one hobby with the proceeds from another. I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt for these things. The only regrets I have from selling is from years ago. I had a 1943 Colt 1911-A1 and complete pistol rig that I loved and an ultra rare 1961 Fender Jazz Bass. Those were a "need money fast, sell off" due to being hit and run by an un
  8. Thanks! Sadly, I don't have those two patches anymore. I sold them because I found something that I wanted more. The good thing is that they went to a former Intrepid crew member and he was tickled to death to get them.
  9. Nice patches. I really like the Forrestal G Div patch. Do you know if there was a patch from the Enterprise for the Cuban Missile Crisis?
  10. Thanks for the info. Do you know if the patch/flag was being used prior to the 1975 Bicentennial? This patch seems to show some age to it and not made like newer ones I have seen.
  11. I got this patch a few years ago in a trade and I was wondering if anybody can tell who the maker is and the era in which it was made?
  12. Awesome collection of patches! Please don't hurt me but I remember digging thru my dads Navy stuff when I was a kid and pulling patches off these cards.
  13. My latest find. VA-912. My dad was in this reserve squadron in 1968 when it was stationed at NAS South Weymouth.
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