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  1. Hi All, As have been stated so far all the vehicles have been correctly id'd, apart from what has been called the preist, which is in fact a sexton spg. As for the "patton" which is a sherman hvss 76mm gun. The gun was not upgraded by the brits but is actually a american 76mm gun. hope thats of some use, any other questions fire away. Buster P.S. what museum is it?
  2. Ken, AAHHHH Yes i know where it was filmed . Yeah i know the Hatfield set well as i only live down the road in Potters Bar (if you know it) But was to young at the time when they filmed it. Buster
  3. Ken, Great to see you are back posting then and nows, hope you had a nice xmas. I know excately what you mean with regards to filming diffrent scenes in diffrent sequences, as you soon loose track of whats what, as i work in the film world myself, but unfortunatle missed Band of Brothers.Just out of intrest Where did they film this scene? Buster
  4. Hi All Just wondering if any one has read mount up we are moving out, about the m8 greyhound gunner. ifso what you think of it is it worth a read? Buster
  5. Hi there, dont suppose you have a buy it now price for the jacket do you? many thanks Buster
  6. Hey Ken Must say the book looks very intressting would you mind saying what its about? Hope all is well Buster
  7. Hi Allan Yes i realise that they are Reenactors dressed in and using ww2 equipment, but what i meant by my question was is the knife a ww2 spec one or post war, also is it a military issued one or a civilian knife? sorry for any confusion. many thanks
  8. Hi All Sorry to bring up a old thread, hope you don't mind. But for those of you who have a copy of " the world war 2 gi, us uniforms 1941-1942 in colour" will know that on page 113 there is a photo of a presto m2 knife. Know what i want to know is, is this a ww2 knife or not? many thanks Buster
  9. What Can i say apart from WOW!!!! I'v just spent a good couple of hours going threw and admireing your collection. Thanks very much for taking the time in sharing it with us. regards Buster
  10. Mmmmhhhh that is a bummer, but atleast he sahres it with you, and it gives you something to chat about over the garden wall!!! Is most of his stuff things that he has found localy, as i find this stuff means more as you know where it has come from! buster
  11. Wow what a great find, something so basic but yet very personel to that GI. As you said Ken very nice to see with rubber cap still in tact. So are you fortunate that your neighbour gives you this or has he got his own collection? keep up the good work. Buster
  12. Ken There is nothing to fear as it's not to late at all as if it wasnt for you, you wouldnt have brought this gentlemans past to us at all. So thank you very much and you have just met another one of life's truly great people and thank god you met him in time and brought his story to us in time. Many thanks Buster Keep up the good work.
  13. Ken That truely is a great picture, it just looks so peacefull there and no one knew what was to come 65 years ago............ Buster
  14. hey there I will defeinately take a signed copy and possible two, depending on shipping to the uk. Well done!!! Kyle
  15. Hey Ken Did you get any other photos from the set of Band of brothers or did you supply to them from the shop? Buster
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