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  1. Not sure if she's nice yet, depends on if she lets me buy them, lol.
  2. Well the trunk was bought from a gentleman who years ago owned an antique store about 2 hours South of Canton, so it's plausible that might be the guy. Thanks
  3. Thank you very much for the research and quick response. So the veteran's medal isn't traceable back to the soldier?
  4. That's good to know. Thanks for the information.
  5. My Sister-in-Law bought an old trunk and tucked in a hidden draw were the medals pictured below. They were all wrapped up together. My first thought was they might all belong to the same fellow who served in the Philippines during the Spanish American War and was still in the Army during WWI, but the inclusion of the Marine Corps marksmanship badge tends to discount that theory. To at least prove that two of the medals, and probably the MOS medal, belonged to the same solder, can someone please look up the Philippine campaign medal and SAWVM? The numbers are: Philippine campaign No 3739 SpanAm Vet Medal 80128
  6. Very nice collection, keep up the good work!
  7. Thank you. Plus with the price of cigarettes going up everyday it has to be appreciating in value.
  8. Here is a piece of Trench Art I currently own. I’ve seen a lot of ash trays, but never one with an original government issued pack of Camels.
  9. My Ebay ID is the same as my USMF ID: ABNNBC. Mainly selling WWI items on Ebay at the moment.
  10. Ok, thanks for the reply. Would this be an individual award of the French Croix de Guerre or a unit type citation?
  11. Does anyone know what the large leaf attachment represents on this Victory Medal? I’ve tried to research in books and online and the only possible reference I’ve found is in The Interallied Victory Medals of World War I by Alexander Laslo. On page 120 it mentions a “Miniature Fourragere for the French Croix de Guerre, but there isn’t a picture or description. When I think of a Fourragere I usually think of a rope cord, not a leaf. The bars are St. Mihiel, Muese-Argonne, and Defensive Sector.
  12. Nobody has any idea if these signatures might be real or were mass produced?
  13. Could a mod please move this to the “Ephemera & Photograph” forum? I did not see that forum when I posted, newbie mistake I suppose. Thanks,
  14. I have three, what I believe are lithographs, pictures of Naval officers from the Spanish American War. One is Admiral Dewey, the other is Lieutenant Richard Hobson who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for actions on the USS Merrimac and the third is Captain Charles Clark the Commander of the Battleship Oregon. My question is: all three have signatures on the bottom, how could I verify if the signatures are actually from the individuals or are these something that were mass produced? Thanks,
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