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  1. It was taken as a war souvenir from the Germans? More likely it was stolen from the US supply chain. -Brian
  2. The logo postwar went to a straight USN though since this wasn't official it's certainly possible that sweetheart items wouldn't have had the correct fouled "N". (in other words the USN was arched)
  3. watch is civilian with band added.. what's odd is the USN logo appears to be later than WW2. may have been given as a gift postwar or at least the band? though could be WW2 era. as for value not sure.. but not a ton with what you've got there. Maybe $50 max. -Brian
  4. also you don't usually see WW2 USMC stuff marked up big with marker like that.. they used some WW2 USMC items into VN era from what I've seen. -Brian
  5. Could have been private purchase? Or just civilian boots that when the laces broke they replaced with cheap surplus that was available? Hard to tell and also I'm not sure what was worn directly pre-1957 when they had to switch to black. -Brian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Absolutely. I can only recommend Geoff at Golden Arrow as well. Always who I have used and he knows tricks and has ideas on ways to find info that others might not. I wasn't trying to argue against getting the research at all... was just curious if there was any specific information being sought. Should also add that Geoff gives a discount to members of USMF so he's a great supporter of our interests and overall a super dude. -Brian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Maybe I just haven't been "lucky" with a file yet... but what you described above has pretty much been my experience. I have found out info on Army guys that wasn't available anywhere else. The USN files are very complete with lots and lots of extraneous and duplicate information from what I've seen. Also I haven't looked at officer files.. so it's possible there could be more info or detail there. -Brian
  8. I have a 5th AF patch that's been silverfish eaten on front... so either the threads on these patches are not rayon, or they eat rayon. -Brian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I guess in the USN records I've had pulled I've never seen much more info about their participation than can be found in unit histories and online. You're right there can sometimes be more info and I'd probably have the record pulled as well, I was just wondering what he was hoping to find out. -Brian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. what info are you trying to glean? you know his unit and participation from what I can tell. -Brian
  11. I believe the face of the patch to be cotton or silk thread. This is classic silverfish damage IMO. only bug I know of that eats the face of patches like this. -Brian
  12. never seen a CIB like it... I'm not sure! Could be French? nice stuff though. -Brian
  13. maybe made from a piece of aircraft aluminum? Was there a P39 crash there before 1944 that they might have visited?
  14. Bill you can find them just have to be patient. I only paid regular price for mine as it was listed as a normal CIB. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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