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  1. This patch looks like a current reproduction that is made in Europe.
  2. Greetings to all, Just wanted to let other collectors know that fake WW2 USMC patches are now being offered for sale as authentic with attached actual wartime Wosk surplus price tags attached as extra deception. I got this one on ebay, & though the front & back of the patch does not glow under UV light, the outer edges of the patch glow under UV light.
  3. Hi Willysmb44, I appreciate your comments. I know the Yank patch is legit (embroidered on twill with cotton, back doesn't glow), as to the circular patch I've seen many variations of this style that were different colors, I'm not sure if they were actually used by correspondents but I've seen enough of them to believe that they were at least made during the war. Kind regards, David
  4. Thanks for the positive comments guys, & thanks for sharing the photo, Gus, that's a very nice collection. David
  5. WOW, that's without a doubt the best Constabulary collection I've ever seen, I especially love all the patch variations! David
  6. WOW, very impressive mannequin displays & the battlefield relics are incredible! Great job!
  7. Thanks for sharing Ricardo, hey 2 is better than none! David
  8. Thanks Andrew, Yeah I love the German made patches the most! David
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. Patrick I just put them in inexpensive riker cases.
  10. I love this classic so much, it should be required viewing for every single American. I always liked Cathy O'Donnell, she had such an innocent, angelic quality. The performance that really stands out, apart from Dana Andrews', is that of Harold Russell. This movie makes me appreciate the "greatest generation" far more than modern stuff like Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers.
  11. I agree fascinating stuff & it's cheaply priced too which is a plus.
  12. Hello fellow collectors, here is a picture of my WW2 era U.S. war correspondent patch collection. The marine corps correspondent is early post-WW2 made in occupied Japan, as is the green war correspondent tab. The official army photographer patch is named to a 101st Airborne Div. soldier. But the real gem to me is the bullion on velvet VU22X patch. VU22X was a tiny U.S. armed forces radio detachment stationed in Karachi, India. It consisted of 1 officer & 6 men, so needless to say this is not a common encountered patch!
  13. And of course, an Aussie made USMC Raider patch:
  14. And some more... The 1st Marine Div. patch is Aussie made.
  15. Greetings fellow collectors! I already posted my infantry/airborne division patch collection, now for my USMC patches:
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