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  1. He hasn't given me a price on it yet. Just brought it in when I asked him if he had any medals. What would a good/fair offer on it be? I pretty much stay in WWI/WWII PHs so this is out of my area.
  2. Mike, Thanks for the input. Here is a better photo of the brooch. Condition is a somewhat rough. My guess is it was removed and but back on probably when the blue thread was used to resew the ribbon.
  3. All, Not my area and was hoping this one might be tracable as it is for sale at an antique store. Also, any other red flags? I see the back of the ribbon seems to be resewn with blue thread as all the others I've seen had red. Numbered #176. Thanks in advance.
  4. Shumate DFC and AM were sold on ebay last month. Looks like the seller moved most of the non-purple heart items on ebay and put the rest on Gunbroker. Just checked and looks like they are no longer posted. Hopefully he pulled them and someone didn't buy them.
  5. BTT for the Anniversary of "Operation Tidal Wave".
  6. BTT. For the D-Day Anniversary and the loss of William.
  7. Very nice pickup. I see a lot of AGO card requests and a bunch of PMs on if any are for sale heading your way.
  8. Sorry but no Purple Heart would have been issued based on the incident information on the below link. https://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/r4d/01981.html
  9. Not that the new buyer will check this posting out but If anyone got the William Maier NC please PM me. I have his engraved DFC and would like to get the group back together.
  10. Pete, Tell you what. Go ahead and buy it and I'll give you the drape. I'll trade you for it group later.
  11. Looks like it is back up for sale. I need a winning lottery ticket right about now. https://rrauction.com/catalogPalongerCollection-2.cfm
  12. BTT on the 78th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  13. A few days early for the 78th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but wanted to share these December 7, 1941 KIA Purple Hearts to three different vessels (USS Arizona, USS Pennsylvania and USS Tennessee.) RIP to the sailors, marines and soldiers who were lost on the first day of WWII for the United States.
  14. Purple Heart is an early issued on based on the number. They were awarded and issued starting in 1932 for WIA/MSCC WWI and earlier actions.
  15. If you ever find yourself in Oklahoma I would recommend a visit to the Muskogee War Memorial Park in Muskogee, OK. I found it from a billboard as I was passing through Oklahoma. Has the WWII submarine USS Batfish that you can tour and a small museum. The part has memorials to all the subs lost in the war. I've attached the USS Shark. A submarine memorial in Oklahoma I never would have guessed. However, it is currently closed as last years flooding in the midwest caused damage to the sub and area. The community had to save the Batfish from being pulled into the river from the flooding. L
  16. Great submarine group to a skipper of the boat. Great that you have had it displayed over all these years. I would echo Dave's comments on the back of the purple heart. I would also say it was displayed standing up as the ribbon has stretched out some as that could be seen from what appears to be the glue mark in the case. I have a couple of purple heart medals for members of the second USS Shark (SS-314) that was lost in 1944. This is the first I've seen from the original Shark.
  17. As a collector of 10th Mountain medals I would say that is one of the nicest and complete groups I have seen.
  18. Everyone, Thanks for the feedback and information. I have made an offer to add this group to my collection. Hopefully some day the medal will appear.
  19. Dave, I was hoping you might have one for the book. Since I have never seen one I would assume they were all engraved the same as the branch of service of the time. In For Military Merit by Fred Borch it states some were submitted for civilians by the Navy so I would love to see one of those if they are out in a collection. I wonder why it took until the 80's for the issue of Ernie Pyles?
  20. I wanted to bring this back up as after I saw this post and did some research in all the PH references I currently have they only list about 100 were awarded to civilians. I would say that makes it about the rarest group of awardees of the purple heart. I have never seen the documents or an engraved PH to a civilian before. Does anyone have any others to post? I would also be interested if anyone has any other information on Guy Powell as i couldn't find anything else online than what was posted.
  21. Great find. Yes it was his fathers. PM sent with some information.
  22. Let me first say I do not have this group but I'm a fan of returning groups to family whenever it can be worked out. Since I collect 10th Mountain Purple Hearts I have watched this group for years when it was first posted. With that being said I think the family needs to get the story straight. Was this stolen as claimed on a different forum or sold accidentally? There is more about the circumstances on the other forum.
  23. To answer a question first on the AGO card there are several researchers who can pull it for you for a fee. I use Lori from RedBird for this for any WWI or earlier Purple Heart. Matt, Thanks for all the additional research especially confirming him as a warden at Alcatraz. I had thought that was probably post-WWI but as his son was born there in 1910, my assumption was incorrect. Interesting that a QM Officer was a warden and someone with a Police background.
  24. As a born and raised Missouri guy I have been on the lookout for one of these for many years. As a kid I made multiple trips to the Truman Library and thought how cool it was that a local KC area native became president. The purple heart was awarded to CORP James H. Pillow of Battery B of the 129th Field Artillery. Although I could not find a direct service connection with then Captain Truman they certainly trained and deployed together. Born in 1899, he served in WWI, WWII and Korea reaching the rank of Major where he died of other causes on 3 February 1954 as a member of the 8201st Civil
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