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  1. Today I wanted to honor the service and sacrifice of two sets of brothers both lost during WWII. These two families both lost sons onboard the USS Honolulu (CL-48) and at the hands of their enemy captors as Prisoners of War. Although these families probably never met, they both shared the loss like so many others during the war that lost multiple sons, fathers and brothers. SGT Robert T. Shields and AMM2C Kenneth P. Shields were from San Bernardino, California where they both enlisted shortly after the attack of Pearl Harbor. Both were noted as athletics in High School.
  2. Posting this grouping in honor of the 76th anniversary of the loss of 1st SGT Long (Company C, 60th Armored Infantry Regiment, 9th Armored Division) who died of wounds on December 26, 1944 from fighting in Luxembourg during the Battle of the Bulge. From his records, he went Missing in Action on December 19th and died as a POW in a German Military Hospital from a chest wound and was buried in Wittlich, Germany. His findagrave states he entered the Army in 1937 serving in the US and Panama Canal Zone before heading to Europe. He earned his Combat Infantry Badge on December 17, 1944. Below is par
  3. Just FYI this one is up for auction. LInk is below. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/vietnam-war-last-usn-sailor-killed-purple-heart_029487D99A
  4. I thought maybe in one of the books on the USS Indy, he might have been listed in one of the accounts since many unfortunately perished after the intiial sinking.
  5. A side note. I looked in Dave's book on Purple Hearts and couldn't locate another one engraved the same way with the flourish above the first and last name as the Type IIa he shows on Page 545.
  6. Sharing to honor the sacrifice of FC2C Joseph W. Consiglio who was another unfortunate loss from the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri and later moved right across the Mississippi River to Granite City, Illinois which is where he enlisted in the Navy. Those not familiar with the sinking of the Indy the ship was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine and sunk within minutes in shark-infested waters on 30 July 1945. Only 316 of the 1,196 men on board survived after hundreds died from sharks, dehydration, exposure while awaiting rescue. I have been unable
  7. It is a very nice group. His modification to where the pin broke on the broach is something I haven't seen before.
  8. Hero’s of the 7th Infantry Division Today I wanted to honor the serve of three Soldiers who died fighting in the 7th Infantry Division in WWII. Two were awarded Posthumously the Distinguished Service Cross and one with the Silver Star. Citations were pulled from the Home from Hero’s website. Any additional information on these Soldiers would be welcomed since the archives have not yet reopened. PFC Nunzio J. Savino was from Chicago, Illinois and served with the 32nd Infantry Regiment until he was Killed in Action fighting in Leyte, Philippines. The Pre
  9. Thanks for the comments. Here is some info on the signed editions. IN MEMORY OF PIONEER PATRIOT AND STATESMAN ASHBEL SMITH Came to Harris County Texas in 1837 from Connecticut and soon there after appointed Surgeon General in the Army of the Republic. Minister to France 1842–5 Joined Gen. Taylor's Army in 1846 in its march upon Mexico. Was Colonel of the 2nd Texas Infantry in Confederate Army. Served in the Texas Legislature in 1866. In 1878 was Commissioner from Texas to the Paris Exposition. Member University Board of Regents 1881 to his Death. Born at Hartford Conn Aug
  10. All, Found these at an estate sale this morning here in Texas. Old library books from a University in Texas at some point. Two appear to be named with the third name faded or covered by the old library card. Last book was checked out in the early 1970s. One is named to William C. Crow (COL 26th Infantry LA CSA) and another Ashbel Smith. (possibly Dr. Ashbel Smith from wikipedia) I'm assuming these are pretty rare even in somewhat poor condition. I could only find reproductions on the internet so interested in opinions on value and if restoration should be done to preserve t
  11. Thanks for the tip. I'll be going back to the shop at some point in the future and see what I can work out. Thanks all the the info.
  12. He hasn't given me a price on it yet. Just brought it in when I asked him if he had any medals. What would a good/fair offer on it be? I pretty much stay in WWI/WWII PHs so this is out of my area.
  13. Mike, Thanks for the input. Here is a better photo of the brooch. Condition is a somewhat rough. My guess is it was removed and but back on probably when the blue thread was used to resew the ribbon.
  14. All, Not my area and was hoping this one might be tracable as it is for sale at an antique store. Also, any other red flags? I see the back of the ribbon seems to be resewn with blue thread as all the others I've seen had red. Numbered #176. Thanks in advance.
  15. Shumate DFC and AM were sold on ebay last month. Looks like the seller moved most of the non-purple heart items on ebay and put the rest on Gunbroker. Just checked and looks like they are no longer posted. Hopefully he pulled them and someone didn't buy them.
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