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  1. I thought same but didn’t seem to match quite the same. Here’s a W&A mark on an ARCOM from https://usmilawards.com/ article on maker marks. Could be but more detailed photo will be the tell
  2. Gary Did you ever get an ID on this mark? I’m going through a listing of makers but would need a better picture if you can
  3. Nicely done Jimmy. Another bar I can’t believe I forgot to post this long ago. Unattributed
  4. I’m far from an expert on engraving so my $.02 is I don’t like it; it reminds me of a style I’ve seen before that is known fake on other medals. If this is a 60s-70s strike I’d expect to see machine vice what looks like hand engraving. Again not my AOE so...
  5. More items but from Taji...these are now in the hands of another collector and forum member but I’m taking the liberty to post. They were liberated from a large warehouse on the base. They are either school books, training manuals, or some combination of both. There are 3 notebooks but of course I don’t know what they say.
  6. I didn’t see it either else I’d have been in there as well. I’ve been on a NASA kick lately so it would have been a coup
  7. That is the Administrative Achievement Medal, I tagged it wrong in my album.
  8. I think VN or later. I had one in the 80s that looked very much like this. The finish on the badge looks to be that period.
  9. A spectacular and historic grouping. Very nicely displayed, well done!
  10. Thank you for your continued input. I have noticed that same difference. Different specs in the contracts? More stringent or specific as to the quality control? I do find the State Department and Intelligence agencies have wonderful design and quality. You’ve set a new bar with your collection
  11. Another on the way. I’m waiting for a couple others to end from same seller but this one is won so I’ve used the auction pictures from Bill
  12. So I’ve been looking for an Insignia Saver case for my smalls and for easier travel at SOS etc. Finally found one but got much more than expected. A nice Marine GCM Afghanistan Service full sized anodized bar plus a couple ribbon bars. While I generally focus on WW2 and prior attributed medal bars, this is a gem IMO. The highlight for me is the Non-Article 5 medal for the Balkans and Afghanistan (ISAF). Overall a beautiful set representing a period of service in our modern era.
  13. 1970’s era NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal.
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