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  1. The tower at Ft. Kam. functioned as the Harbor Entrance Control Post or HECP for Pearl Harbor. One level was manned by army and navy personnel. Battery Hawkins was assigned as the "Examination Battery" for Pearl Harbor and received orders to challenge any unidentified vessel attempting to enter the Pearl Harbor channel from the HECP.
  2. The marines on horseback photo was allegedly taken at Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay circa early WW2,
  3. Thanks espeed, any bit of information helps. If you have additional pictures of Waiawa, I would like to see them. Kaneoheboy
  4. Company E, 34th Engineers in formation at Schofield Barracks. Kaneoheboy
  5. 34th Engineer vehicles pre Dec. 7, 1941. PFC Stanley J. Leas with the command car, both photos taken on Oahu. Kaneoheboy
  6. Posing with a .30 caliber machine gun at Wheeler Field. Kaneoheboy
  7. The steel pillbox on the grounds of the Chevron Refinery was part of the defenses of Camp Malakole, a WWII AAA training camp. The example pictured was found on Paakea Road outside the perimeter fence of the Lualualei Naval Radio Station. The example lying on its cupola was found at Dillingham Miitary Reservation in 2001, part of the Mokuleia Airfield/Dillingham Field defenses. Object was moved to an unknown location. Kaneoheboy
  8. I totally agree with untehund, the photo is LTG Robert C. Richardson, Jr. CG Hawaiian Department and and subsequent commands. Kaneoheboy
  9. Anyone have information as to what the upper Waiawa Military Reservation was used for by the Army in WWII? The site is now the "Waiawa Correctional Facility" run by state corrections. Also, any idea what the storage bunkers were used for that are located near the Waiawa Stream? Any help, photos, etc. will be appreciated. Kaneoheboy
  10. Thankk\s BigMoose, it was found at the site of a WW2 defensive position on a hillside near an OP and other rifle pits. BAR makes good sense for the location.
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