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  1. I think those are the regular MOLLE II MP-5 pouches that SDS made. I think the Safariland Navy Kit pouches are 3 mag pockets. Id have to find one again to be sure though, but for some reason 3 sticks out in my mind.
  2. The wall is an interesting spot. Does Australia have them? The guys camo outside kind of reminds me of the stuff they used to wear. Even the GPFAK pouch is that camo inside the aircraft. That M model pic is interesting, pretty damn good shot for you with the seats and other crap removed. Looks like the case consists of 3 parts, a blade guard and the 2 securing straps with mounting hardware.
  3. Thats pretty cool, never actually saw the 1qt covers from the ELCS kits to know the closure types, but I know it came with 2 and I think 1 2qt cover. Who ever surplussed that crossed out the wrong number. I believe the contract number is what is usually crossed out, not the NSN. Maybe the first few runs of them pre 2001 or so had snaps then went to the fastex buckle.
  4. Dang it Derek! Stop buying everyhing up! You might as well build a steel building and start a museum.
  5. Was doing some organizing so I took these out. Have 1 M14 pouch from the Navy Kit and 1 M9 pouch from the pistol set. Can see both are Safariland, The M14 pouch at first looks like a usual 100rnd/Utility pouch, and then the M9 one looks like a normal MOLLE II pouch except the snap is hidden in the flap and non exposed. Also has 2 drain holes at the bottom (not shown). Edit: never noticed before but can be seen here, the M14 pocket has 2 small drain holes as well. Must be a thing with the ELCS pouches.
  6. Not the best pic but I noticed it is just visible. To the right on the pile of SKRAM bags you can see a vertical piece of metal sticking up. That the pick side of the holder, you can also make out some of the nylon retention strap to hold the axe securely inside the holder. It goes blade down, pick up. Took that pic in a UH-60M from the OH ARNG. Can see how nice and clean it is inside being a brand new bird.
  7. The ones Ive seen for the H-60 and CH-54 were the solid type blade, not with the hole. And Ive ended my search in a dead end for the holder. I think its part of the aircraft technically so maybe the H-60 Mx manual or illustrated parts manual might have it listed? I tried finding one online once with no such luck. The axe itself did come back to Sikorsky Aircraft one time when I looked up the numbers from that box I saw with the brand new axe in it. Still kicking myself for not buying it before it was too late.
  8. There was also other accessories to these that could be added both in woodland and desert. There was a 40mm grenade pocket set, a 9mm pistolmans pocket set and then what was called the Navy Option Kit. That had 2 3mag M-14 pouches, I think pouched for the MP-5 SMG and a couple misc pouches I believe. Those kits are pretty hard to find. I found 1 lonely woodland M14 pouch in a surplus store a few years ago. Wish I found 2 of them. Ive seen all those kits in woodland, but the only 1 of those I saw in DCU was the USN kit. Never saw the grenade or pistol kit in DCU
  9. That experimental one is cool, I like those ALICE pack style quick releases for the shoulder straps. The later packs just had fastex side release buckles and they still looped around the shoulder straps of the LBV. I used to have one of those ILBV's with the mesh panels when I was doing CAP as a kid. It was great for that but I def understand how it was a bad design for actual combat troops. Probably why not many of them ended up getting fielded and why there is tons of them now on the surplus market for cheap. They had made a medics version of the ILBV vests that had MOLLE webbing on the mesh panels vs sewn on pockets. I think there was also another experimental modular version of them too that was pre MOLLE that the USMC tried out.
  10. These are the best pics I have of mine. The UCP one being stripped you can kind of get the idea how it mounts to the front carrier of the vest. You have to unfasten the velcro strap that holds the vertical strap and wrap it around and re attach that vertical strap in the middle between the should straps so the BAOS is basically handing from the top of the vest. Other pic of the OCP vest shows how they could be setup. The usually had the 2 utility pockets, 1 for the med, 1 for signaling.
  11. Looks like the Gemtor ones, I forget what the PN is but its the standard one that has the number molded on the handle just like Gemtor. I wanted to buy one myself one I saw a 90s contract on for sale but missed out on it. The CH-54 also had a crash axe located in the cockpit. Some of the ones Ive seen in the H-60 have the blade painted red. The Axe is stored in like an aluminum blade cover. I'll try and see if I can find pics.
  12. Do you have the Air Warrior flex armor vest? You need that to attach the BAOS to. That velcro strap on the back side of the top of the BAOS fastens around the front panel of the flex armor vest. Then the cobra clip back strap goes around you and the rear of the armor vest when donned. I might have some pics of one of mine. I'll take a pic and then post em if I still do. I have one in both UCP camo and OCP camo pattern.
  13. That 37mm squid looking round seems cool. The paper trying to teach people what they will be up against and protect themselves?
  14. Thats right, forgot you were Cav.
  15. It is the patch for the OV-1 Mohawks and the units that flew it, so yes ASTA and MI units surely wore it who operated the OV-1. As stated some will show the MI Co, some will also say Aerial Surveillance, then there are different variations of the patch from various manufacturers of them. The first 2 generations of them from the 60-70s and then 80s thru early 90s are pretty much the same patches for each of those periods, but you will see more changes from more modern production in the mid 90s and well after the OV-1 was retired. Can also find some variations of them from overseas productions like in Germany. I always felt the style patch you posted above was made in the mid 90s. I have a brand new color official patch from the PX which Id put in the 80s to early 90s period of patch and they label is Aviation School Mohawk since those in the OV-1 transition course at Ft Rucker wore them. Here are some of them patches and the new one:
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