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  1. Its interesting to see the one in that pic appears to be made by Hardman Tool who used to make the hardshell for the MS22001 O2 masks and the Xmas tree bayonet and receivers for the mask retention. Ive seen numerous inertial reels pop up on ebay over the years but not sure on specific types and if they were for ejection seats or non ejection seats. Those canopy breakers are pretty neat, never realized thats what those were before and how they pop up.
  2. Those are beautiful aluminum waffle mags. Very cool. Cant be many of those on the whole globe someone would re purpose and paint like that. Very very unique.
  3. Crow, I think your seat pad might be from another type of RSSK kit, Im pretty sure that hole is supposed to line up with the guage, and I know i have seen that hole on both sides of the seat pads for some different kits.
  4. When I look up that CL part number American Flight Safety Systems comes up in a list of part and stock numbers so you may be spot on since that bottle I showed you was made by them. AFSS was in with Rocket Jet Eng, which is another company you might see some RSSK kits made by. Also as mentioned Scott made some and East West Industries. My OV-1 RSSK seat kits and my OV-10 RSSK-9A were all made by AFSS/Rocket Jet. None of those type RSSK kits have emergency O2 provisions. I still have yet to get the seats Id like to one day have, but if that seat was mine Id probably go all out
  5. That would be one big dome to fill that lid. Interesting the cover was a FR material too.
  6. I came across this not long ago, not sure if its the correct one or not. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aviators-breathing-Oxygen-1800-PSI-Military-Oxygen-tube-assembly/254506383315?hash=item3b41c337d3:g:VRkAAOSwlkheDo73
  7. Looks like the modified the sheath to fix it to the MA-2 torso harness. Very cool pieces, that jacket is very nice as well.
  8. Did the 8D you ended up getting have the O2 bottle under the lid or is that part missing? Some of those 8 kits have a straight bottle, and others the U shaped, from what I was reading in the NAVAIR. Think it depended on model and the manufacturer.
  9. Its like a child of a B-17, B-24 and HU-16. Very interesting
  10. That is a fine looking piece, Im sure it looks even better with one of those 30s in it. I myself arent an early type purist, I kind of like the idea of having the latest versions/changes of things so one day Id like to have one of those late specs M1 Carbines.
  11. Pic of the 1981 team, US Army component. The civilian portion was from Bell Helicopter Textron, with the Bell Long Ranger aircraft.
  12. Might have been a going away/retirement gift from the life support shop or just the squadron. For early 90s, seems kind of odd to have the computer style labels, usually saw the dynamo embossed ones for a good while. Maybe the guy ended up using his old helmet later in warbirds or something and had some old AFE friends keep it up for him. We may never know, but its still a nice setup, pretty clean.
  13. Curious to find out more info on these patches. Ive done a little research behind them, being the 1981 patch was from the 4th World Helicopter Championships that was in Poland in which the USA Team places in first. I'm missing the tab that said World Champions, but have seen them before. I know the USA team consisted of a US Army Aviation portion with UH-1H and OH-58 aircraft as well as one US Civilian portion with a Bell 206. The other patch from the French championship I havent found any info on yet. I know there was at least of few of these championships held that the USA team partici
  14. I had a feeling you might chime in regarding an Army Avn patch. Thanks for the info, I will have to check out that book. Didn't realize there was other earlier demo teams. Guess it was a good gamble to snag this one.
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