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  1. Would this Doughboy have served stateside or "over there"? Thanks
  2. WW1 (?) Portrait Unit? I have a large portrait of what I believe to be a WW1 Doughboy I would greatly appreciate any help identifying the unit patch shown below Thank you
  3. Unknown DI on US AAC Far East Command Ike Jacket - Who can help? I've had this uniform for MANY years I've never collected DI insignia, so I never bothered to research these Can someone please identify them? Thank you
  4. Thank you Kurt! Where would I find the "other World Forum" - this site?
  5. Help Needed IDing This WW1 (?) Medal I've had this in my militaria for years, and never bothered to research it It obviously is for the Great War, but is it period correct? For the first time I noticed (using a magnification) that it appears to be engraved on the edge "8-2D651 PTE. A. C. STEWART. GORDONS." Can anyone help identify this? Is it original? THANKS!
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