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  1. Actually, it is apparent that the Vet was part of the original Kiska Task Force (part of the 153rd)
  2. Well, I only am aware of the information (print) that I have in my possession. I know that the Vet was an actual member of the Task Force that was an 60MM mortar man. The only other print that I have in hand is a 1941 Christmas program from 153rd Infantry stationed at Camp Murray in Washington
  3. Kiska Task Force Grouping Found this great grouping from an original Kiska Task Force member from West Virginia
  4. Hi Would you send this item to the U.K. ? VN Era USMC LCpl Helmet w/ Cover Graffiti

  5. Hello - I'm cleaning out the footlocker of a Marine that passed away (bought from the Marine's estate) & found the following patch inside - any identification? The footlocker was stenciled H&S Thanks !
  6. Hello First, thanks to lettow for providing the info regarding the Vet's service - much appreciated! The vet's family (grandson) shared that he remembers a photo of his grandpa showing him on horseback, hearing a gunbelt with another soldier. Apparently the vet did not serve overseas, just on the border My question is this - as can be seen on his tunic, he has a "wound" stripe - why would this happed? THANKS!
  7. Yes - I just posted a group of pictures from the LARGE grouping Thanks
  8. Hello All I recently acquired the following grouping from an Ohio veteran's (Korean War) fathers estate (WW1) Contents include the following:
  9. Sorry, I don't speak dated military jargon - can someone please help me understand ? Thanks
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