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We are researchers and collectors interested in quality original material, primarily researchable items and groups from the Revolutionary War Era into our current Conflicts in the Middle East. We will Buy, Sell, or Trade for items of interest, as well as purchase collections and handle quality consignment items.

A major goal for this site is to create an environment where serious historians and quality collectors can come together to study and aide in the preservation of a significant portion of American and World History. (Our Military History...) Ultimately we hope to develop this site into a format where it will become a forum for information, trade, and education in this area.

An ongoing focus is to promote public interest in the original artifacts that have been part of that world history. By exposing all generations to the stories surrounding these relics, and respectfully educating interested parties on the meaning behind these items, we can better illustrate the personal sacrifices that our military forces make. Promoting the study of military history, illustrated by original artifacts, is a key to preserving and teaching the significant impact it has had on shaping our civilization.

We respect, preserve, and promote the veterans, their families, and the relics that represent that military service. We help channel these artifacts into the hands of others willing to be the caretakers for future generations to appreciate, once the veterans and families themselves no longer can or wish to.

We have some high end technological tools, a good research base, and broad contacts in the historical research and collecting communities. This facilitates the ability to provide quality services to customers and clients, and pay a good fair price for items that we can use, and maximize value for sellers.

We do keep track of other collector's interests, and will keep want lists that are sent, as new items come up on a regular basis. Please send your list of items for sale or trade.

Feel free to drop us a note with any questions, comments, or needs.

Thank You for visiting the site...



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