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  1. David, Appreciate the note, as well as the History from Cliff. I was always told OEC died off around Korean War, and made my assessment on Pin Base construction (lack of smooth soldering around pin head...), and BAB Dimpled Clutches, which I've only seen in the 50s, prior to the Ballou marked clutches from the 60s... I understand you can't always date off clutches, and possible this stock was left over late 40's stuff, finished and sold later. I also have been told they were a distributor, that had others manufacture and mark product they sold. If the insignia I
  2. Appreciate it... You see the cloth patch equivalent regularly, from WW2 Era, but have never seen the metal insignia in images as worn, and these are clearly 1950s manufacture. Thanks, Rich
  3. Can anyone ID the Branch, Period/Range Used, and basic job/MOS criteria for this insignia. Officers Equip. Co. Madison NJ marked, but likely made by Blackinton for this distributor in the 1950s. (These are New/Old Stock from a long closed Army/Navy shop in Chicago.) Cap Size is 2" x 1-5/8", Labels? are 13/16" x 5/8" approx. I understand they are likely Civilian, but who did they work with primarily... and have seen these before, but for some reason can not find the details again. Thanks, Rich
  4. Yes, A Classic Early WW2 Era PH Lapel Button. RW
  5. That Ribbon Bar is a French Made Private Purchase. "Bte S.G.D.G." is an abbreviation for a typical phrase concerning products from France. "Bte" is short for "breveté" (="patented") and " S.G.D.G." stands for "Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement" (="without government guarantee") And the DSC is a Reribboned Original Strike Planchet & Ring it appears, with what looks to be a Victory Medal Brooch... RW
  6. Anybody have any information on this one? Embroidered Cut-Edge on Twill Base. Appears to be Original WW2 Era construction. (Civilian Contractor, Skunkworks? Communications?) Approx. 2-7/8" Across, Nothing Glows... Thanks, Rich
  7. 8) WW2 Era or ?? USN 1st CL Aviation MM, Blue Wool Base, Bullion Crow Etc., Applied Gold Tape Chevrons. Was this Pre-War, Wartime, or Post?? 9) Similar Era to the 1948 Underwater Mech. ?? Same Construction, USN 1st CL Lithographer, Blue Wool Base, Embr. Crow Etc., Applied Applied Red Wool Chevrons. My understanding is that this Rate wasn't in play until 1948? My question is When were the Applied Wool Chevrons phased out?? 10) WW2 Midshipman ?? Earlier, Wartime, Later? Or do the Stars Denote the later Master Chief hierarchy? I have matching 1st & 2nd Classes wi
  8. Here are a couple of more nice WW2 Naval Aviation... These will all be offered for sale, but not sure on format yet. There is good interest, and want to be fair to both sides. I do appreciate the help and interest. 6) WW2 Era USN CPO Aviation Metalsmith, Av. Green Base, Bullion Crow Etc., Wool Applied Chevrons. Nice UnCut Rate. When did they start this style of Bullion, Backing, and Chevron? 7) WW2 Era USN 1st CL Aviation Enlisted Pilot, White Twill Base, Embr. Crow Etc., Applied Twill Chevrons. When did they start using the Small Reverse Anchor , Dates, Etc., and
  9. One thing I first noticed in the Early Apprentice (#2) is that it is noticeably smaller than a typical WW2 Era. Crow Wingtip to Wingtip (as well as Chevron Width) is only 2-1/8" approx. Does that help date it? On the #1 QM Rate, has anyone seen the Black Crow on anything similar? Thanks, RW
  10. David, Appreciate the detailed response, and while I'm a fairly quick study, primarily a medal guy still, but always find something interesting in the learning curve. I'll continue to dig through this lot to see if there is something of interest for you. Best Regards, RW
  11. 5) WW2 Era CPO Diamond W (Chaplain's Assist.??), Khaki Base, Embr. Crow Etc., Fully EMBROIDERED Chevrons, with a Stamped 1943 Date on Reverse. Am I Correct of Age, as I understood the Embroidered Navy Chevrons came after 1948?? (Althought the Army was certainly using similar during war...) I'd also assume this is not a common Rate as well... or was the W used more widely, like some of the Letters?
  12. I am working on a large collection of over 100 different USN-Marine, and Even a UnUsual US Coast & GeoSurvey from the 20s, and looking to share some information, as well as gaining some further knowledge. I have already had one Great Navy Vet & Rate Collector from the Forum offer some assistance, which has been greatly appreciated... 1) An Odd Black Crow CPO QM, Blue Wool Base, Embr. Crow & QM, Applied Red Wool Chevrons. Age/Era? What does Black Crow notate? 2) WW1 Era ?? CPO Apprentice?, Blue Wool Base, Right Facing Embr. Crow & Knot, Applied Course Red Wool
  13. From the image, it doesn't look erased and renamed, but would like to know if there is a number, or any evidence of having a number... RW
  14. Adam, I have a similar medal, that appears to be Self Awarded to a WW1 Era Vet. Same Contract PH, UnNumbered, but the engraving on the medal I have is done in the standard format, and correct Font & Point Size, with some slight variance. But in the research, there were No Award Cards to be found for any decorations, and the transport records show him as being in a different unit than claimed. The medal I have was engraved a long while back, and would fool the majority. I have seen examples of BB&B Strikes that are UnNumbered and UnNamed, guessing that BB&B Sold these in the
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