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  1. Unfortunately, these are the only photos I have at the moment, I’ll ask my friend for more. The buckle system works very similar to how WWI British web belts fastened like this photo.
  2. Good eye, I hadn’t noticed that. This is a CB pretty good mystery
  3. Brian, thanks for the information. This is definitely an interesting subject. If anyone can recommend any references on these, I would be grateful. I’ve seen McPheeters book, but at over $400, it was a little cost prohibitive.
  4. I want to thank you guys again for the information and feedback about the saddle tree, but I have one more question. What are the two “D” rings for on the front of the tree? Is this actually an artillery saddle?
  5. Thanks for the offer, but I think I’m going to take a step back from this project until I gain a little more knowledge about it. This was a snap purchase which turned out to be more than I anticipated.
  6. Thank you both for the advice. I think you are right. I’ve been searching for parts and the numbers don’t make sense. For what it takes to restore this one I could buy at least two complete saddles
  7. Thanks for the reply. That’s a good theory. The only issue is the date. The belt is dated March, and Aberdeen wasn’t established until October and became operational in December of 1917.
  8. My friend asked for my help identify this belt so I thought I’d present it here. I’m at a loss to what it is, hopefully someone here on the forum can identify it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. thanks, Vic
  9. Hello Everyone, I had the opportunity to buy What I thought was a M-1904 McClellan Saddle. It was very inexpensive in my opinion, (well under $100). It was one of those snap decision type purchases, so I wasn't able to do the research I usually do. I was hoping to restore it to put together a nice display. When I got home I noticed the placard that was stamped with the seat size was blank, and there are no markings on the saddle tree that I can find. I have read that Argentina had made copies of the M-1904 in the 1960s. I hope that's not what this is, but if I had to I could re sell it and at least get my money back. I welcome any information that some of the more knowledgeable members may have about it. Thanks in Advance, Vic
  10. I did notice the similarities in shape, there were just minor differences in the materials that the Germans used.
  11. Hello All, Along with the rucksack I also posted for identification, came this coat. Initially I thought it was a rain coat when I saw the photos, but when I got it, I saw it was some sort of lab or work coat. The grouping it came with belonged to a soldier in the medical corps, so I thought it may be some sort of lab coat for an X-Ray technician or something similar. I would love to hear if this is possibly related to the group or just some industrial coat. Thanks In advance, Vic
  12. here is another number on a different part of the bag.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I dont know if its german or not. It came with a group of items that belonged to a soldier in the army medical department. I was able to get some info on him. He was inducted in 1945 and I don't think he made it overseas. I believe the markings on the bag are pattern stamps for the different parts of the bag. I have his serial number and it doesn't match.
  14. Hello everyone, I hope this all finds you safe and healthy. I picked up a small WW2 uniform group and this pack was thrown in with the deal. At first I thought it was a boy scout pack, but it has no markings to indicate that. It's made from a very stiff khaki canvas. I just want to make sure this is not some that I would regret letting go later. Id love to hear your opinions. Thanks Vic
  15. Awesome, thanks for that, I’ll try it out this weekend. In doing research, I’ve heard a lot of people say they just don’t work, even when you find them in mint condition. I’m going to give it a shot though.
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