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  1. Hi, Recently acquired an old collection of uniforms. This sweater was in the lot. It is a small size. I assume it is postwar because of what I found on Wikipedia, the Chanute field was renamed to the Chanute AFB in 1948. What Era is this? Since it is out of my collecting interest, how much would the sweater be worth? Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the responses. Dustin, Interesting information! Thank you for posting. Patches, great photo from that gun crew.
  3. Recently found this helmet repainted OD green. The original blue paint is still visible underneath. Found a small marking on the padding. 10? Why was it painted OD? I read somewhere that it was was used by the Usmc? Also found a cool picture of the helmet in OD in use. I will definitely be buying a chin strap to complete the helmet. Thank you
  4. Thank you for the information! It was found in a junk box!
  5. I have very little knowledge on this subject, I got these wings in a lot of miscellaneous items. I noticed the aircrew emblem is soldered on top of the wings or at least it looks that way. The back also shows the shield. The pin is missing and it is marked Gemsco. Are these original ww2 wings? And out of curiosity, what value would you put on the wings in this condition? Thank you
  6. Thank you for the responses. I have been informed on a Facebook page that it is a first class reproduction made by theriggerdepot.com. Joshua DeJong could tell it is a reproduction made by himself because he used brass eyelets instead of zinc. Also I have been told the zinc should not give the green verdigris. It is comes scary close to the original.
  7. Hi, recently received this chin cup. Would like to know what the experts think. Compared to my books it looks okay. But never handled one before. Thank you.
  8. Awesome collection! Thank you for sharing. Hope to get some of those pocket patches one day.
  9. Great collection Tom! That bullion cap patch is quite unique.
  10. Beautiful 'stuff'! Thanks for sharing
  11. Thank you, very happy with it. It displays really nice.
  12. No, not this is not from ebay. And no remains of a name tape. Here are some more photos of the wear and verdigris on this jacket.
  13. Just received this 82nd airborne A-2 jacket made by Poughkeepsie leather coat co. Has a Talon zipper. These kind of jackets were popular with the airborne officers. Has some wear around the cuffs. Let me know what you think.
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