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  1. I went to the Show in Louisville this last weekend, it was my second time, and really enjoyed it again. I bought an entrenching tool from the 1870's Indian War era and a very nice Camillus MK1 the MK1 is in a usnMK1 scabbard but I found out later that they were originally in a leather scabbard. I let myself pay way too much. I bought it on an impulse and did not know enough to try to get the price down. It seems that the show is about 50 per cent German artifacts. I did not realize there was so much German stuff left. I was going to fly to Louisville but my flight out of New Bern NC wa
  2. I went to the Show of Shows in Louisville, KY this past weekend. I must say that I have never seen anything that compared to that show. I spent all day Friday and several hours on Saturday walking the tables. There was that much stuff there. Every artifact that you could possibly want was there. I saw and talked to two dealers that I had seen at the Raleigh Militaria show Robert from Fayetteville and The older couple that set up with mostly knives from ,I think, Pennsylvania maybe wrong on that one. I bought a trowel bayonet complete with scabbard and plug that fits in the handle, really beau
  3. I went to the Militaria show in Raleigh and bought a M3 Camillus blade dated an a M6 Moose scabbard. I paid premium price but both are extremely nice. especially the M3. I wanted the scabbard for my single tang Boker M3. I may sell the camillus M3 to get back some of my money ,the scabbard is all I really wanted. I have only been to a few of these shows but this is the best one I have been to so far. I am (I think) going to the show of Shows in Louisville KY next month have any of you been to that show? I hear it is huge show. Looking forward to it if I get to go.
  4. I looked at Frank Trazaska knife notes reproduction recognition page, M6 sheath page and the MILSCO M6 sheath does not have a flaming bomb. Were some made with a flaming bomb and some without? As is pointed out some reproductions are old enough to have old patina. Not trying to be hard headed just trying to clear up some things. Thanks, Elton ( Howard )
  5. OK, Thanks for the comments,
  6. There is an M3 in a M6 scabbard on e-bay (item no.143000620083) I think the scabbard is a reproduction because of the flaming bomb stamped under the makers name (Mils co). I was wondering if anyone else thought about that or even noticed it. The price is already at 355 dollars with several days to go. I may be wrong but I do not remember seeing flaming bombs on any scabbards except reproductions. Let me know what you think. Thanks Elton ( Howard )
  7. Thanks, Thorin6, that is what I have decided to do.
  8. Need some info and advice. I bought, at premium price, a model 2 Ek knife, and a scabbard that fits the blade but the retaining strap will not go around the handle and is too low. Does anyone know if I can get a new leather scabbard from K-bar that now owns Ek knives, that will fit this knife? I contacted the seller because the scabbard was misrepresented some what. I got, if you not pleased send it back. I guess to answer my own question is to be satisfied with the knife with a scabbard that is not right or get a refund. I would like to hear what some of you would do.
  9. I bought a single tang Boker just two weeks ago at a gun show in Greenville,NC. It was in an m8 scabbard. I paid less than 650 but still premium price. The only marks on blade are from sliding in and out of the scabbard. It is in such good condition I have wondered where it has been for the last 75 years. It has flaming bomb on the pommel. Boker stamp is very light but there. Now all I need is a guard marked version.
  10. I saw some of these at the Raleigh show last weekend for 70 dollars. Elton
  11. I drove three hours to the Old North State Militaria show and it was well worth it to look at all the knives that I could not afford to buy. A dealer from Intercourse PA had a k-bar that was mint with the paper tag that had instructions for taking care of your knife, only 500.00. All of his stuff is really high and he will not come down. There was a lot more that I really enjoyed looking at. This is a good show for knives where a regular gun show has mostly black rifles and not much collection of military knives. I did get to see Skip for a few minutes and the M3 imperial that he found. Now
  12. I have been seeing a scabbard for this knife going for 4 to 5 hundred. A dealer may not give that much but a person walking around would. carry a small sign and tell people you have it. I do it with rifles at gun shows. I think 6 to 7 hundred will be close.
  13. Hey Thorin6, do you remember what the pilot knives, that Tarbridge had, were selling for?
  14. I wanted to go to the Raleigh show also but it is 3 hours from here and the roads were not the best. I went to the S&D gun show in New Bern but it was hardly worth it. About half the size it normally is.
  15. No Skiph I got it at a pawn shop in New Bern. The blade is a little rough but not real bad
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