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  1. All, Just finished working with the publisher of International Militaria Collector and some forum members here on this article for the newest issue of the magazine. We are posting it here as a free download! Hope you find it interesting. Marc Article: http://www.garlasco.com/FixWings.pdf Here is a link to the magazine subscriptions: https://bdpublish.com/epages/4d7f6574-9a81-4861-9b4c-476300c108ca.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/4d7f6574-9a81-4861-9b4c-476300c108ca/Categories/Collector_Magazine/%22International%20Militaria%20Collector%20Collector__National%22
  2. Jim, I live a few minutes from Scarsdale. Happy to help if needed. Nick
  3. Many thanks! Does anyone know what this image means?
  4. Gents, trying to ascertain which Victory medal is correct for this ancestor. Just got the service record for my wife's great-uncle. We knew he was artillery in the AEF but that is all. So he was a Captain in the 112th FA (Montclair, NJ), 29th Infantry. When they deployed to the Meuse-Argonne the 112th remained in garrison in France as their artillery had not yet arrived. He eventually became an adjutant on the staff and so does not look like he saw combat. Am I correct he would have qualified for the Victory medal with France bar? Many thanks!
  5. Any areas I can get you better images of from the seller?
  6. I want to thank everyone for their help on this. Great forum!
  7. Gents, Opinions on these wings please. Many thanks! NC
  8. Thanks for the help! I didn't see the original thread.
  9. Hi - wondering what you all think of this "Dallas" wing by Eisenstadt. Thinking of trying for it... Thanks!
  10. Thanks gents! I love 'em!!! Saw three original Dallas wings at the MAX but this was the only one less than a mortgage payment...
  11. Was very happy to land this wing at the MAX!
  12. Thanks guys! I am going over their house Friday to go through their stuff. He is living in an assisted center and is alive but not very lucid.
  13. Gents, Hope this is ok to post here. A friend's dad (87) is shown below. She is clueless and doesn't know much about his service. i am trying to help. He is not able to help as he has problems understanding. Thanks for any help - I have asked her to send me any info she has. Nick
  14. Many thanks Gents, I am a lucky guy!
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